Effective January 26, 2014, organizations that meter their mail will pay less for postage.

If you just updated your mailing equipment and it's showing 48 cents instead of 49 cents for the First-Class Mail® Meter Rate, here's why. If your local Post Office has not accepted your 48 cent metered mail, read to resolve.

The new First-Class Meter category offers a one-cent discount off the single-piece rate for all First-Class letters. That equates to a 2% savings on postage for each and every First-Class letter you send, month after month. 

USPS recognizes meter efficiency

Mailing systems not only save you time and money as you prepare mail, they also make it easier for the USPS to process and deliver your mail. Now, these savings are reflected in the new postal rates.

  • One-cent discount on all First-Class Letters up to 3.5 ounces
  • Save an additional two-cents: Qualifying Pitney Bowes meter clients can sign-up for our PresortXtra program to save a total of three cents ($.46 vs. $.49 per piece) versus the full-rate price.
  • Automatically applied when you use a Postage Meter, PC Postage, or Permit Imprint

Save 2% on your
everyday mail
with a postage meter.
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Postage meters: discounts made easy

For metered mail, there are no piece minimums, no preparation requirements, and there is no need to report pieces on a postage statement. Simply apply postage, drop your letters in the mail, and watch the savings add up.

  • Save even more with a built-in scale. Our mailstation 2™ mailing system is ideal for every-day mail. You can weigh each piece, apply the correct postage, and avoid over-stamping.
  • Print full-color graphics on envelopes. Our robust selection of mailing
    offers you many more ways to boost productivity, engage customers and grow your business.
PC Postage: the online alternative. With PC Postage, there are also no piece minimums, no preparation requirements, and no special reports to complete. Just print stamps, online postage, and USPS shipping labels right from your desktop. PC Postage solutions are ideal if you don’t have central mailroom and want to give employees the opportunity to send mail from different locations.  

Print your own stamps today. Our pbSmartPostage solution makes it easy. There’s no software to install. And, in addition to the one-cent savings on First-Class letters, you’ll save up to 19% on standard Priority Mail® and up to 36% on Priority Mail Express™.

Meter and PC Postage—the best of both worlds.
Many organizations find it valuable to have both a physical meter and an online postage account. Postage meters process mail faster, and their built-in scales greatly increase productivity. An online postage account makes it easy when you need to ship or send mail from another location. Our new bundled offer makes this a smart choice.
Permit imprints: savings with some extra effort You can also save one-cent per piece when you send First-Class letters using a preprinted permit, but to do so, you must meet all existing guidelines. Imprint pieces must be reported on a PS Form 3600 postage statement and deposited at a BMEU or DMU. And permit mailers will still be required to meet the 200-piece minimum for every mailing.

Pay on your terms, mail on your schedule. Our permit mail solutions make it easy to fund permits quickly and easily—whether you mail in-house or through a mail house. You can mail now and pay later, which eliminates the need for rush checks and last-minute scrambles.

Pennies add up fast. If you're already a Pitney Bowes customer, you don't have to make any changes—you qualify for these discounts automatically.  If you're not a Pitney Bowes customer and want to take advantage of these savings, see our wide range of postage meters today.