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VeriMove™ Net enables mailers to meet the USPS Move Update Requirement by providing unprecedented move update and mailing list update service. It interfaces with the USPS NCOA™ Change of Address database.

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Approximately 40 million customers of the United States Postal Service® (USPS®) file a permanent Change of Address (COA) each year. Unfortunately, for you and your company, your customers and prospects do not always notify you of their new address. As a result, your customer communications, sales promotions, and invoices result in returned mail due to an undeliverable address.

Undeliverable mail has an adverse effect on a company’s bottom line.  It is not uncommon for a large corporation to waste in excess of $10 million annually because of returned mail due to an outdated customer database. Returned mail affects all mailers, large and small, proportionally.  A 2% return rate is the same proportion whether you are mailing 100 or 100,000 pieces.

Today, you may be utilizing the USPS® Address Change Service or an outside service to meet the Move Update requirement. In the case of an outside service, often this involves sending your mailing list to a vendor, waiting a few days for the company to process it and then receiving it. Both can be expensive and time consuming. Worse yet, you may not be meeting the Move Update requirement at all. If that is the case, you may be receiving discounts illegally in addition to absorbing the high costs associated with a returned mail rate.
There is a solution – Verimove Net is a cutting-edge, data-quality tool designed to provide you with uninterrupted processing of your mail.  It’s fast and easy to use. All you need is an Internet connection. Integrated into our CASS Certified™, SmartMailer™ software, you can upload your mailing list to be processed by our NCOALink™ licensed systems housing the NCOALink™ data.

Best of all, the data is current. It is updated every week, providing you with the most current address information available from the USPS®! Since we have obtained a Full Service Provider License of the NCOALink™ technology, these Change-of-Address records are retained in the NCOALink™ file for at least a 48 month period prior to the current date.

After you send your mailing list to our servers, recent moves are identified and you can then download your mailing list back into your SmartMailer™ software so it can be postal coded and pre-sorted to achieve the maximum postage discounts available. It’s fast, simple and above all easy-to-use

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