Print your company logo or promotional message directly on your envelopes to get noticed!

Exclusively available on the Connect+® system, it’s easy to print images like these on every envelope you send using MyGraphics.

Get started in 5 easy steps!

    1. Sign into My Account and from the Connect+ menu on the right side of the screen select MyGraphics Designer. Choose the Connect+ system that you would like to upload the image to and then on Start Creating New MyGraphics.

    2. Name your project – This will be the name of your image on your Connect+ machine, so choose something that you will easily recognize.

    3. Choose your image – Select the “Browse my computer” button to upload an image from your computer, or use one of the gallery images by clicking “Select from gallery”.

    4. Adjust the image size and click and drag your image to the position you want it to print on your envelope. Expanded details on sizing and placement can be found in our quick steps guide or view a video tutorial.

    5. Preview your image and then click Upload Now
Where can images be printed on an envelope?

The Connect+ can print images in three areas on every envelope you send. Not only can you utilize the space along the top of your envelope, you can also print images along the bottom and back flap. For more details and tips on how to print images on your envelopes, download our FAQ Guide or contact us today. To speak with your personal graphic designer call us at 1-877-822-1005 or email us at

Image examples:


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