Pitney Bowes Employee Matching Gift Program

U.S. Program:

are actively employed (minimum of 30 hours/week) hourly or salaried employees of U.S.-based Pitney Bowes operations which are integrated into the company's SAP system.

ELIGIBLE RECIPIENT ORGANIZATIONS must be (1) United Way affiliates, (2) the Pitney Bowes Relief Fund, or (3) 501(c)(3) public charities or educational institutions recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as organizations to which contributions are deductible for federal income tax purposes. Program administrators will verify the organization’s purpose and certify that it is a tax-exempt and charitable organization or educational institution. The Pitney Bowes Foundation will make final determinations as to the recipient organization’s eligibility.

ELIGIBLE CONTRIBUTIONS: Only tax-deductible contributions made by Pitney Bowes employees may be matched through this program, and therefore the donor may receive no goods and services in exchange for their contribution. During the annual employee giving campaign conducted each year (fourth quarter), contributions may be made by (1) all-year payroll deduction (minimum $2/ month or $24/year), (2) one-time payroll deduction (minimum $5 for United Way affiliates or the Pitney Bowes Relief Fund; minimum $24 for all other charities) (3) check payment via the GivingStation (minimum $24), or (3) direct payment to charity (minimum $24). The date of the donor’s pledge will be the date used by the Pitney Bowes Foundation when calculating campaign caps. Donations must be fulfilled by the end of the following calendar year. In addition, employees may request matches of contributions paid directly to charities (minimum $24) throughout the year. Tax-deductible contributions will be matched at 100%, to a maximum company match of $50,000 per contributor per calendar year.

EXCLUSIONS: None of the following are eligible for matching: 1) Payments made by donors for tuition, books, student fees, dues, subscriptions, bequests or insurance premiums; 2) Funds pledged but not actually transferred; 3) Gifts made to private foundations or disqualified parties; 4) Payments not made as a direct contribution to the organization, including courtesy advertising, tickets, products, services, fundraising dinners or other items which afford the contributor a personal benefit; 5) Payments made for gifts to political campaigns or organizations; 6) Gifts to religious institutions unless formed for educational or community purposes; 7) Gifts to fraternal or professional organizations; 8) Gifts to any organizations that are included on the U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control list of specially designated nationals and/or blocked countries; 9) Gifts to any organizations whose IRS 501(c)(3) status has been suspended; 10) any organization that Pitney Bowes Foundation, in its sole discretion, believes is not compliant with the law; 11) Any organization that Pitney Bowes Foundation, in its sole discretion, believes is not compliant with the law.

EXCEPTIONS: During the annual employee giving campaign conducted in the Fall (fourth quarter), consultants working with Pitney Bowes, part-time employees working less than 30 hours a week, and employees of business units that are not integrated into the Pitney Bowes HR IT system on SAP may support the campaign by writing a personal check made payable to the Pitney Bowes GivingStation and completing a form designating their gift to either the (1) the Pitney Bowes Relief Fund or (2) the United Way serving the donor’s specified ZIP Code (minimum $5 donation).

Canada, U.K., and Republic of Ireland Programs:

During the annual employee giving campaign, employees in Canada, the U.K. and Ireland may participate in the giving program by following the procedures outlined on InsidePB (search “giving campaign”).

Questions of interpretation, application, or administration of the program shall be determined by the Pitney Bowes Foundation, whose determination shall be final. Pitney Bowes Foundation may at any time change or discontinue the program, but will honor eligible gifts made prior to amendment or discontinuance. All matching is at the discretion of the Fund.