Our DFWorks® system is a powerful, scalable ADF information engine with a portfolio of modular data collection, production management, automation and reporting components.


Achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness in high volume document production while simplifying and automating time-consuming planning and analysis tasks.

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DFWorks Postage Accounting & Funds Management

Revolutionize the way you manage postage expenditures with DFWorks® Postage Accounting and Funds Management Module.

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DFWorks Productivity Reporting Module

The DFWorks® system lets you establish a baseline of where your operations are now to help you get where you need to go. Productivity Reporting rolls up data into information that provides a view of performance and direction to operational improvement.

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DFWorks® Mailrun Management

The job setup process is dramatically more efficient and productive when it is automated using the Mailrun Management solution.

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DFWorks Production Workflow Module

Flexible data collection devices gather processing information from a wide array of systems to help meet the challenges of today's diverse production environments.

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DFWorks Full Service IMb Postal Manifesting

Easily move to USPS® Full Service IMb® manifesting while maintaining workflow flexibility.

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DFWorks Document Lifecycle Tracking Module

With Document Lifecycle Tracking, you can instantly know the status of every mail piece that passes through your facility. It was also designed to streamline remote access for customer service which means fewer requests directed to your mail operations

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