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Create dynamic, personalized content for on demand correspondence, billing and account statements.

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Content Author lets you treat your customers like the individuals they are. Our convenient customer messaging program helps you easily create and manage personalized messages and promotional material to include in bills and account statements.

Content Author pulls customer intelligence from a variety of sources and lets you match your individual customers to your chosen criteria - providing the most effective and personalized content possible. Additionally, its streamlined interface lets you create, edit, review and approve promotional material online and in minutes. 

Convenience meets sophistication with Content Author

Content Author combines user-friendly web-based convenience with sophisticated customer messaging software. Its dynamic features include:

  • The ability to embed colorful, eye-catching, and targeted messages in customer documents
  • A centralized location for all users across an organization to create, edit, and approve content
  • Online control of messaging, white space use, workflow, timeframes, and priorities
  • A server-based library for remote access
  • Pre-set user profiles, security settings, and message formats to ensure brand consistency

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Use Content Author for personalized customer messaging

Avoid the costly discarding of correspondence by your customers by tailoring your "must-read" communications specifically to meet their needs and interests.

Content Author lets you add important information, promotions, and messages that your customers will be pleased to see and read.  

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Content Author, our sophisticated customer messaging software has some outstanding features, enabling you to individualize correspondence whilst streamlining your communications processes.

Personalized messaging capabilities

Content Author enables you to create dynamic customer documents with embedded targeted messages in statements with a built-in workflow that manages the message approval and production process

It incorporates an email-based review system so all business units can monitor and approve content as required, so you can treat your customers as individuals whilst maintaining high productivity levels.

Fast and efficient

Content Author is a highly efficient solution for all your customer messaging needs. With this superb software package, you can:

  • Develop messages and manage overall messaging projects with greater efficiency
  • Control messaging, white space use, workflow, timeframes, content and priorities via an easy-to-use web interface.

Simple to use and manage

Choose Content Author and you'll be able to free up your programmers to work on other projects.  Our customer messaging software is low-risk and easy to set up and maintain, thanks to its:

  • User-friendly browser-based interface
  • Server-based library for remote message authoring and review
  • Excellent functionality, giving you the ability to pre-set user profiles, security settings, workflow and message formats (including dimensions, colors, fonts and images).

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