Optimize Site Selection Process

A nationwide fitness club needed the data insight required to optimize their site selection process. Designed to perform powerful predictive analytics and modeling functions, AnySite is an essential market analysis and decision support tool.

The company invests several million dollars to launch every new site and will often commit to long-term leases, which means they need to be accurate with their long-range projections. Site selection is very important to their business and a significant amount of member satisfaction is driven by their impressions of the facility and the member’s experience while in the club. Proximity to home and work are main drivers of a person’s decision to join a fitness club.

The company needed more insightful data and analysis to forecast site performance over a long-term horizon and avoid the costly mistake of a poor-performing facility.

The AnySite platform provides directors, analysts and marketers valuable insight into market data, allowing them to easily analyze the relationship between the performance of a location relative to the market area demographic characteristics.

The move to AnySite allowed the company to expand their evaluation to include not only demographic data, but also the psychographics and behaviors most relevant to their industry.

When assessing locations for new facilities, the company relies on AnySite to analyze markets, forecast member potential, and pinpoint pockets of opportunity. Using a custom model designed for their needs by the professional services team from Pitney Bowes Software, they now make more informed decisions around club deployment – enabling them to grow with confidence.

Today, their entire real estate team has access to market optimization studies and trade area evaluations. Plus, with the customization developed specifically for their business, they can instantly build predictive models to forecast member potential.


  • Essential market analysis and decision support tool– the company has successfully opened nearly two dozen sites across the United States.
  • Improved member-focus – they can map out and compare member information data to overall market characteristics and instantly build predictive models to forecast member potential and determine which attributes drive club performance.
  • Speed to market – when new real estate opportunities arise, the company can quickly evaluate multiple sites and make intelligent decisions about how much they can invest in any one particular site.
  • Ease of use – open data architecture and server-linked layers allow them to adjust parameters as needed without having to rebuild layers so more time is spent focusing on interpreting information rather than creating it.
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