Optimize risk-based pricing

This insurance organization required solutions to incorporate location-based technologies for enhanced services for its clients, whose profit margins on risk depend on precise details.


They needed faster and more accurate assessments of its clients' exposure based on location data and sought location-based solutions to deliver. By providing a better understanding of the level of exposure at individual points on the map, this organization could help its client’s better estimate potential losses to ensure they purchased the correct amount of coverage at the right price. The company needed geocoding solutions to process the highest resolution data available to make valuable international comparisons. Affixing such a solution would require knowing the exact functionality needed, and Pitney Bowes Software worked closely with this organization to assess the situation.


This organization chose the Pitney Bowes Software Spectrum Enterprise Geocoding solution based on the breadth, quality and trustworthiness of the platform. Furthermore, with complete control over the international geocoding system, they would be able to fully understand the way catastrophe models behave using this data.

Finally, as the precision of catastrophe modelling is affected by the resolution of data, they have the ability to visualize a corporate client’s or insurer’s book of business to demonstrate the benefits for them to supply the most accurate data available - far more than third-party software.


  • Speed up analyst workflow processes previously too complex or time consuming to a fraction of the time
  • Improve catastrophe modelling and accumulation management with full control over resulting models.
  • Better define a client's projected exposure through greater understanding and flexibility over input data.
  • Enable meaningful comparisons to be made consistently across country lines
  • Improve risk and reporting capabilities to address regulatory requirements
  • Visualize a client’s exposure on a map to help demonstrate the benefits of supplying high-resolution data.

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