Implement electronic statement delivery

This telecommunications organization found business solutions from Pitney Bowes Software to streamline its billing processes and enable paperless collaboration with customers in Latin America's largest market.


Market research shows more than 70 percent of complaints registered by telephony service subscribers relate to errors and delays in the issuing of bills. The organization wanted to streamline billing processes to help better meet the needs of customers in order to optimize customer satisfaction. Part of this was to implement electronic billing statement delivery for a number of their customers.


The company deployed the Pitney Bowes Software EngageOne Vault technology to make its bill issuance processes more efficient and effective, while enjoying the benefits of higher customer satisfaction.

This will enable them to invoice customers direct via email and then pay online, with subscribers printing invoices only as needed. This business solution dramatically reduced the number of account statements needed to be printed, handled and sent by post - a process both costly and time consuming.


  • Reduced the time taken to issue invoices, benefiting both the company and the customer
  • Improved the audit process and deliver greater agility and precision.
  • Eliminated the logistics of handling, distribution and storage of corporate accounts
  • Improved company procedures in other areas as well - corporate legal, regulatory, tax billing, technology and systems, and marketing
  • Delivered enhanced customer service, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

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