Identify market expansion opportunities

This telecommunications company needed to effectively and cost efficiently determine potential new site locations and expand service infrastructure, and chose Pitney Bowes Software for a solution.


The company had multiple software and data platforms across its enterprise to store and process network and customer data. In addition to its extensive network, customer base and number of employees, the amount of data held by the company was enormous. With much of this data stored in separate silos, the company could not effectively leverage this information for maximum benefit.

In many cases, they could not leverage the geospatial information held within this data to optimize network operations, network coverage or network customer care issues.


The company worked through this by introducing location intelligence and integrating location capabilities quickly and easily into multiple applications for Web locators, call centres, asset tracking, risk management, customer support, mobile applications, marketing analysis and more.

Business solutions from Pitney Bowes Software provided database owners and developers with common methods and procedures for the spatial-based processing of network and customer information, enabling them to share this information across the organization.

These solutions - including MapInfo Professional - enabled IT and engineering departments to organize and cleanse data at the point of entry, automating the process and eliminating human errors related to manual data entry. By ensuring that network/coverage information is accurate, standardized and up-to-date, the company optimized its decision making.


  • Improved network tower locations to optimize performance
  • Improved customer service through improved network issue handling
  • Enhanced customer lifetime value

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