Enhance customer interaction management


Seeking to drive sales growth through more relevant customer interactions, this financial services organization chose Pitney Bowes Software solutions to create and distribute real-time, single views of customer data along with actionable recommendations across all channels.


The company wanted to deliver a highly personalized service to customers to help increase market share, overall customer revenue and increase individual customer lifetime value. The organizations ability to achieve this was constrained by:

  • The lack of tools for employees to treat customers as individuals
  • Systems and processes organized around products and channels without a comprehensive view of the customer across the entire company
  • Limited information on the customer, or lacking details to create enhanced understanding.


The organization chose to implement specific customer interaction capabilities to optimize the value of customer interactions by developing a single view of each customer. The single-customer view was delivered by integrating with the existing CRM system. The customer data could then stay where it naturally lived to ensure the latest customer data is used to create the real-time 'single view' when needed.

Now, when a customer engages with the financial institution, a real-time single view presented by Interaction Optimizer is displayed, including details of all historical interactions. This data is supported with intelligent, actionable prompts to help employees make the most of every customer interaction. This supports both call centres as well as branch interactions.


  • Increased incremental sales over 200%
  • Increased the number of products held per customer
  • Saw improved retention rates through better customer service, driving higher cross-sell and up-sell rates and thereby enhancing revenue generation
  • Improved customer satisfaction levels, enhancing long-term customer loyalty
  • Improved marketing efficiency and effectiveness through improved customer understanding
  • Provided solutions that react more rapidly to changes in the market, helping to drive the competitive advantage.

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