Consolidate Customer Data Into a Single, Comprehensive Record

This frozen food home delivery service faced significant challenges for coordinating orders and scheduling deliveries and needed to de-duplicate and consolidate customer data into a single, comprehensive record.

A potential home delivery customer registering for an online account or through the call center would be assigned a customer number. Meanwhile, the local depot would be alerted to schedule service for the potential customer. A Customer Service Manager (CSM) would then visit the customer and re-enter their information into a handheld device used to collect sales orders, deliveries and track inventory.

This disconnect between customer touch points resulted in the creation of two separate records for the same customer, which led to missed sales, overlapping delivery cycles, duplicate mailings, and ultimately, customer dissatisfaction. The company needed a comprehensive data quality solution to help improve customer service and depot efficiency.

The Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology Platform seamlessly integrates with their web store, call center application and the handheld devices used by CSMs in the field. When the web store registers a new customer, the data quality solution standardizes the address and attempts to match it to an existing customer record—thereby preventing the creation of duplicate records.

Customer address validation and standardization is performed in real-time while new addresses are being entered into the system. Addresses that are not able to be validated or standardized in real-time are automatically submitted for the daily address scrubbing process. While in the field, CSM handheld devices run in a disconnected mode, uploading customer data at the end of each day to corporate headquarters.


  • 25% reduction in the number of new customers being created by handheld devices in the field
  • Prospect lists are compared against the company’s database, preventing duplicate mailings
  • Better customer data quality resulted in a more complete, 360-degree view of the customer
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