Optimize retail bank branch locations and infrastructure

This credit union organization desired the ability to capture a 360-degree view of each of its members, culling information from disparate sources. In order to transform this information to rich data, they turned to Pitney Bowes Software for business intelligence solutions.


A predominantly member-focused organization, they wanted to have a better understanding of each individual credit union member. The current data system, unfortunately, made this a lengthy process of compiling information from various sources.

What they desired was a location and identity intelligence solution to bring them closer to fully realizing its customers. The company then turned to Pitney Bowes Software for consultancy on how best to integrate data through software solutions.


With the help of Pitney Bowes Software business solutions, the credit organization implemented a more effective market and customer growth strategy based on both location and identity intelligence of all customers. Seamlessly integrating customer location into customer data, the solutions reported deposits by branch location as well as by where those customers were located that held those deposits.

Sagent Data Flow and AnySite from Pitney Bowes Software facilitated and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the demographic details of the deposits to pinpoint areas for more effective marketing or even areas for a new branch to increase deposit volume.


  • Identified opportunity to open 10 new branches
  • Optimized performance of new branches
  • Increased overall retail branch performance by over 10%
  • Delivered increased efficiency in performance analysis, leading to quicker decisions
  • Enhanced customer lifetime value

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