Improve Retail Branch Sales Performance

This financial organization wanted to improve sales performance in its 124 retail branches and turned to analytics software solutions from Pitney Bowes Software to understand its true market potential.


The organization desired to optimize retail branch performance but didn't want to set benchmarks on historical performance. Historical performance, the firm reasoned, would punish high performing branches and didn't take into account recent market changes, competition changes or other factors that would affect a branch's ability to generate sales.

In coming to Pitney Bowes Software, the organization sought to develop realistic sales targets by accurate assessment of the true market potential of each of its branches.


They deployed predictive analytic tools from Pitney Bowes Software to benchmark performance and more effectively quantify branch potential so that resources can be allocated more efficiently. In turn, the company could improve the sales in its retail branches.

Perform.360 provided analytics solutions by evaluating all retail branch environments, micro markets and customer data. This software solution could then group branches into peer segments for comparison of performance without the biases of extraneous, uncontrollable environmental factors.

The organization could then use this model to establish baseline performance expectations with the ability to rationally assign goals based on profitability, attainment cost and risk of failing.


  • Increased checking account sales by 20%
  • Improved retail branch sales by about 50%
  • Enhanced customer lifetime value

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