Improve Recruiting Performance

Shifts in demographics meant that this government agency needed to find a mapping analytics solution to improve recruiting performance.


They wanted to increase recruiting performance but shifting populations and increasing competition meant it was becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified applicants.

The organization also sought to streamline operations, minimize travel time for recruiters and improve precision targeting of new recruits in order to achieve the desired recruiting performance.


The organization needed an advanced mapping and geographic analysis solution that allowed it to easily visualize the correlation between data and geography.

Using this solution, they could gain advanced insight into target populations, district territorial boundaries, recruiting travel distance and time, and real estate opportunities for consolidating or expanding facilities.

By deploying MapInfo Professional from Pitney Bowes Software, the organization can now annually review data to determine demographics and key characteristics for possible applicants, including age range and education, and pinpoint their locations. The organization can also identify which segments shifted over time, in order to adjust recruiting strategy to ensure the highest levels of success.


  • Increased number of recruits
  • Facilitated the closing of recruiting centres to reduce overlaps
  • Established distinct recruiting boundaries to optimize focus
  • Improved efficiency and lowered costs of recruitment.

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