Improve customer satisfaction through consolidated statements

Seeking to boost efficiency, this financial services organization turned to Pitney Bowes Software for business solutions to provide customers with a single statement for multiple accounts.


For customers with more than one account, the organization was not able to send a "consolidated" statement. Instead, the bank had to send individual statements for each of their accounts.

Their multiple billing problems affected its business in a few ways: multiple bills led to confusion and dissatisfaction, but from a business perspective, it was also highly inefficient.


The organization chose a robust, scalable and integrated customer communication management solution from Pitney Bowes Software. The bank could then:
  • Verify and match data from multiple systems to create a consolidated database
  • Reflect multiple accounts into a single consolidated statement
  • Enable 1:1 marketing
  • Support the entire customer communication cycle from the creation of personalized documents and multi-channel delivery through to archival.
In addition, the bank can now tag customer accounts at the front end for ease of consolidation. The solution also included business rules-oriented template design and robust output management.


  • Reduced the time taken to produce consolidated statements by over 100%
  • Reduced statement archival time by 50%
  • Delivered savings through reduced printing, paper and postage costs
  • Increased cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Enhanced customer lifetime value

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