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SendSuite Live can satisfy the requirements of a single mail center to multiple production facilities processing thousands of shipments per day! Compare current rates from multiple carriers and enforce business rules throughout the enterprise with a powerful yet scalable solution.

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SendSuite Live is a scalable global logistics management solution that harnesses the power of web-based services to satisfy your changing business requirements.

Whether you have a single mail center location or multiple production shipping facilities, SendSuite Live helps enforce business rules, streamline processes, and provide transportation spend visibility throughout the enterprise to effectively manage costs.

  • The industry's most comprehensive single solution can be implemented by mail centers, production shippers, and desktop Users -Learn how our solution can grow with your organization's needs, without the costs and learning curves associated with implementing disparate solutions throughout the company.
  • Financing Options - Unlike many others, Pitney Bowes offers our own suite of unique financing options to accommodate your solution acquisition requirements.
  • National representation for sales & service - At Pitney Bowes, our national network of service and sales professionals will create a custom solution providing you with greater savings, control and visibility throughout your enterprise.
  • Total package management suite of solutions - Learn how you'll have access to a complete suite of solutions for inbound and outbound tracking, with a wide range of integration capabilities

Using multiple shipping systems? - SendSuite Live is a powerful yet scalable platform that can be placed in a mail center, used by corporate or remote employees as well as in Production Shipping facilities.  Eliminate multiple systems and create a focal point to analyze your shipping business to make informed decisions

Unplanned Accessorial fees? - Gain upfront visibility to carrier surcharges and provides address verification to help you avoid or minimize unnecessary carrier fees

Enforcing business rules? - Automate internal business rules for control over shipping spend throughout an organization.  Desktop and remote/agile workers can have access to the most current rates while following the latest corporate business rules for shipping

Desktop or remote employees need to ship? - Desktop and remote employees can print ship request and shipping labels from a laser printer wherever they login in from.

Integration to Legacy systems? - Extensive integration ability to a variety of CRM, ERP, WMS and Order Management systems to break down information silos and create a simple, error-proof process that gets the right shipment to the right person-at the right time.

Allocating costs to customer or budget centers? - Monitor transaction costs by carrier and allocate billing to the sub, sub account level for departmental cost center or customer account tracking purposes.

Processing errors? - An intuitive user interface lets anyone produce accurate shipping labels and access supporting documentation. Eliminate manual input through automation to greatly reduce the processing errors that slow delivery.

Switching between different carriers? - Flexibility to adjust with a customer's changing business needs or new carrier rates without changing systems

Optimizing Service Selection? - Select carriers based on cost and delivery objectives

Using a PB mailing system? - Connect seamlessly into your Pitney Bowes mail finishing solution to provide you an integrated solution to manage all your shipments and mail.

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