Maintain the integrity of your testing program

Delivers beginning-to-end accountability, high-speed productivity, and is easy to install and implement. It takes your heavy manual burden and transforms it to a simple process.

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The increase of state mandated testing in our public school system spans a broad range of grade levels. Districts have the difficult task of disseminating, controlling and accounting for their tests, at each grade level.

While each school’s goal is to deliver a First Class education, test administration is a highly manual process and can vary by district and by school. The smart process design of the Arrival Exam Tracking System integrates software, cordless scanners, label printers and signature pads to eliminate hand counting, manual tracking and paper logs. And with the ability to upload data and download reports, you will realize the rewards of increased automation and data integrity. As standardized tests increase in frequency and significance, integrity can only be maintained with an approach that combines this level of accountability and efficiency.

Let us learn about your school’s unique needs and work towards customizing the Arrival® Exam Tracking System to deal with the requirements specific to your situation. We will develop a solution that takes your manual process, automates it, and makes it easier for your staff to import test data, capture signatures, print custom labels, prepare reports and much more.

Features at a Glance

  • Create a record of test book locations in advance
  • Verify that specific tests have been received
  • Download delivery reports
  • Track the return of test booklets
  • Import test data
  • Print custom labels
  • Provides real-time status of your exams
  • Capture digital signatures to confirm receipt

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