An intelligent Document Factory solution that leads to excellence

Achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness in high volume document production while simplifying and automating time-consuming planning and analysis tasks.

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DFWorks® is a powerful, scalable information engine with a portfolio of modular data collection, production management, automation and reporting components:Wo

  • Production Workflow
  • Postage Accounting and Funds Management
  • Document Lifecycle Tracking
  • Productivity Reporting
  • Postal Manifesting

The DFWorks® system is designed for businesses that produce high profile, repeated work in large volumes like monthly job runs. This includes virtually any enterprise that transfers mission-critical files electronically – especially service bureaus and document production facilities.


  • Meet service-level agreements and customer expectations more easily
  • Automate and simplify site, account, job and resource planning and management
  • Pinpoint opportunities for improving quality and workflow for greater efficiency, performance and productivity
  • Meet the growing number of regulatory standards including HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley

Achieve more consistent on-time performance.
Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of your workload and resources to help keep your jobs on track – and you out ahead.

By meeting service-level agreements more consistently, you can avoid costly unexpected penalties or lost business.

Tighten cost control.
Use the integrated intelligence collected from DFWorks® to optimize site performance, capacity and productivity. The result? Lower production costs per mail piece and the ability to accommodate additional mailing jobs.

In addition, consolidating information from your postage meters simplifies postage costing and account management, while keeping your operations running at a high level of efficiency and accuracy.

Take quality to the next level.
DFWorks® takes the measure of your document factory over defined periods of time and turns it into vital intelligence, so you can make the most of what you have and plan for the future.

Use this system for quality improvement initiatives such as Six Sigma®, measuring progress every step of the way, from composition to sortation.

Meet today’s more challenging regulatory requirements.
The DFWorks system offers a timeline of document production events and an audit trail to support a number of regulatory audit compliance initiatives.

You can quickly produce time-stamped activity reports and graphics to meet business needs, or to help identify what happened. Get the results for all jobs, processes, and designated equipment and operators – even individual mail pieces.

Improve customer service with more timely and thorough responses.
Respond to a wide range of queries quickly with instant access to in-process and recently mailed communications for individual recipients. Easily search for a mail piece by recipient name or account number. Or construct a history of events for individual mail pieces.

By minimizing the number of inquiries with online, streamlined access to mail piece status, DFWorks is your key to lower customer service costs and higher satisfaction.