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Planning, creating and launching a direct marketing campaign has never been easier. With pbSmartMarketer you can custom build a better direct marketing campaign - faster.

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Start creating custom direct mail campaigns in minutes!

You know how important it is to communicate with your customers on a regular basis but creating direct mail campaigns can be a daunting task.

The pbSmartMarketer mail maker tool is here to help you quickly and easily create a variety of communications that you can customize for your business and your customers. In minutes you’ll be generating compelling direct marketing campaigns and brochures right at your desktop.

Choose a Template
Select from hundreds of professionally designed direct mail marketing templates to create:
  • Post Cards (small, large & jumbo)
  • Event Invitations
  • Folded Cards & Envelopes
  • And much more….

or upload your own template or completed creative for custom mail. 

Target the Right Prospects
With the brilliance of the Prospect Finding Service (PFS), you can find your best customers with the touch of a button. Just upload your existing customer list, kept confidential and secure, and PFS automatically suggests similar customers in real-time. 
Deliver your Message
Now that you have your custom creative and target list, all you need to do is mail it. pbSmartMarketer offers you 2 options:

  • Send it yourself: pbSmartMarketer will print the job and send it to you for addressing and posting.
  • pbSmartMarketer sends it: Save time by letting us print the job, apply the addresses and postage and send your direct mail campaign for you.

Get Feedback
At pbSmartMarketer you can create a "Customer Feedback Page" to find out who is responding to your campaigns and give them an easy way to tell you what they think.

Track & Measure
Take the guesswork out of measuring the results of your direct mail marketing efforts. The Marketing Dashboard provides all the tools you need to determine the success of this campaign and plan the next one.  

Turn your direct mail campaign into an integrated direct mail marketing campaign by adding email and social media communications with pbSmart Connections!

Preview our direct mail marketing templates

pbSmartMarketer offers a variety of postcards, brochures and more, so it's easy to find the right marketing materials for your business.  See below for just a sampling of the templates available with the pbSmartMarketer mail maker tool.


Bakery postcard templateSpa postcard template
Promotional postcard templateBusiness postcard template

Small Postcards
Restaurant postcard template

Tri-fold brochures
Tri fold brochure templateBrochure template

Flat flyers
Flyer templateTwo sided flyer template

Generic card with envelope
Invitation card template

Thank You card with envelope
Thank you card template

Letter with envelope
Direct mail letter template

Why should I use Direct Mail?
Radio, television, and print advertising are all good marketing choices, but Direct Mail Marketing allows you to target your audience more specifically. The best solution is to create synergy in all of your communications by combining your Direct Mail with advertisements through other media.
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What are the advantages of Direct Mail Marketing?

  • Targetability - You can aim for specific consumers by location, product interest and previous purchases.
  • Reach - You can contact nearly every household in your potential market.
  • Maintenance - You can build a great relationship with your customers with personalized, custom mailing.
  • Tracking - You can tally responses with coupon redemption and response cards.
  • Precision - You can get highly-detailed product information right into the hands of the people who want it.

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How long does it take to create a Direct Mail piece?
With the pbSmartMarketer mail maker, it takes just minutes to create your own Direct Mail piece. After that, the overall production/fulfillment process usually takes about five business days. That means your customers can be receiving your Direct Mail just 7 to 10 days from the time you created it.
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Which direct mailing list should I use?
You can select your own list (which you can upload to the site) or create a new one. Your list can be organized by ZIP Code, customer profiles or other information. It's your choice. The most important factor is to use the most up-to-date list.
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What is a Customer Feedback page or p-URL?
The purpose of a Customer Feedback Page, or personalized-URL, is to obtain information about your customers and prospects via a webpage. This kind of web page may also feature an offer to enable you to gain even more information about your customer's preferences and habits. Response information from the Customer Feedback pages are emailed to you, but can also be viewed in the reporting section of My Workspace on the site.
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When is the best time to send out Direct Mail?
Planning on creating events and offers based on seasonal sales, holidays or customer behavior? Ideally, you'll want the recipients to have your mail piece in-hand at least one week before your event/sale. Remember too, that it may take several business days to reach your prospects and customers, so plan accordingly.
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How do I register for an account?
You can register at our website.
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Is there any cost to register for an account?
There is no cost to register for an account.
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Can I use pbSmartMarketer in Canada to send direct mail?
Yes, you can visit our website for more details.
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In what ways can I cultivate stronger customer relationships?
Direct mail marketing enables you to create repeat business and build strong customer relationships. Unlike mass media, direct mail allows you to customize and personalize your marketing materials. So your customers feel like your direct mail was truly created for them.

With pbSmartMarketer, all it takes is a few minutes of your time to personalize and send a custom direct mail piece. And because you already have a customer list, you can simply upload it when prompted, or select it from your saved lists.

Your first step, however, is to choose from hundreds of marketing templates the one design that best reflects your business. Next, customize your direct mail based on your specific messaging.

For example, you can use direct mail campaigns to:

1. Invite customers to an exclusive event

2. Publicize special prices or promotions

3. Tell customers about your rewards for purchases

4. Promote new products and services

5. Announce an upcoming sale

6. Ask customers to tell a friend about your business and receive a special gift

Your next step is to make your direct marketing mailing even more effective by setting up a personalized Customer Feedback page. This gives customers a chance to tell you more about themselves and what they're interested in, so you can close the deal. You just ask the questions and we do the rest.

To increase your response rate, once you've chosen a Customer Feedback page, you can include it in a follow up email. Simply click the 'Create an Email Project' link in My Workspace to get started.

Keep your business top of mind with your customers. First, let them know you're thinking of them. Second, cultivate those relationships. You can do that here.
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