Generate USPS Intelligent Mail barcodes to gain the best postal discounts

MAIL360 is an innovative solution that automates the translation of USPS and third-party mail tracking data into a standardized format that can be readily integrated into your business processes.

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Intelligent Mail Management

Make the intelligent choice for Intelligent Mail management by choosing Mail360 from Pitney Bowes.

Mail360: Helping you get the most out of Intelligent Mail

Though mandated by the USPS, organizations still have choices to make when it comes to Intelligent Mail barcodes - your near-term management of Intelligent Mail could have long-term implications for your business. Benefits include discounts and savings, but Intelligent Mail also impacts legacy systems, applications, documents and databases, as well as marketing, call centers, billing and IT. Make the most of Intelligent Mail with Mail360.

Mail360 is your one-stop solution for implementation of the Intelligent Mail barcode. You can maximize USPS discounts and preserve investments in existing software as MAIL360 optimizes Intelligent Mail to enhance your business processes.

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An integrated solution for Intelligent Mail

Mail360 provides much more than USPS compliance. It provides value to both the enterprise and service bureaus who want to:

  • Maximize USPS automation discounts
  • Track and trace mail
  • Optimize business efficiency and savings
  • Avoid duplicated Intelligent Mail barcodes
  • Manage Intelligent Mail barcodes for all processes across an entire enterprise.

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Intelligent Mail flexibility and performance

Take advantage of the intelligence built into the Intelligent Mail barcode with Mail360 to update and enrich data as well as increase mailing efficiency by:

  • Central management of Intelligent Mail barcodes
  • Linking Intelligent Mail barcodes to a recognizable enterprise key - to tie relevant mailing and database information to a specific mail piece
  • Integrating correspondence to improve business processes in departments such as billing, marketing and customer support
  • Generating customizable reports for mail delivery performance.

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Key features of our Intelligent Mail management solutions software

If you're looking for Intelligent Mail management solutions, take a look at the key features of Mail360 from Pitney Bowes.

A single solution for Intelligent Mail management

Mail360 provides a single solution to perform multiple functions, assisting customers with successful implementation of the Intelligent Mail barcode.

Offering automated number management for users of CODE-1 Plus, Finalist, MailStream Plus and StreamWeaver without any disruption to workflow, it enables mailer ID-sharing across several independent processes to maintain serial number uniqueness with centralized management.

Central management of mailer ID numbers

Our Intelligent Mail management software lets you specify how  mailer ID numbers should be handled and assign unique Intelligent Mail barcodes. Enterprise Intelligent Mail Partitioning prevents non-connected computers from inadvertently duplicating unique numbers.

Reduce cancellation costs

Track remittance mailings through Intelligent Mail to determine if the check is in the mail. By knowing the exact location of the mail piece in the postal system at any given time, you reduce the costs associated with service cancellation and reinstatement.

Save with proof of mailing

Mail360 enables you to confirm delivery easily. This simple functionality saves you money by avoiding USPS mail piece charges.

Ensure payment through remittance barcodes

Mail360 allows you to include the Intelligent Mail barcode on remittance mail. Coupled with postal performance reports, Mail360 triggers payment, improves cash flow and enables critical forecast activities.

Close the loop on address quality

By implementing Mail360 along with other mail efficiency solutions, you can cleanse and verify addresses to close the loop on address quality management.

Two language-specific interfaces for management

Mail360 offers Intelligent Mail management through two language-specific interfaces - a C interface and a C++ interface - to accommodate users of Pitney Bowes Business Insight legacy systems as well as those working within a .NET framework.

Integrated modules for the best capabilities:

  • Generate Intelligent Mail barcodes natively on MVS, i-Series, UNIX and Windows platforms. Mail360 can be invoked as a stand-alone application, via address coding applications (Finalist or CODE-1 Plus), presort applications (Mailstream Plus) and print stream engineering solutions (StreamWeaver).
  • Mail360 Data Manager boosts your storage, management and reporting capabilities, at both an individual and aggregate level, via a single interface. Collect USPS and third-party data feeds and correlate data with enterprise key information unique to each piece of mail.

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