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Access a wealth of current and accurate address, postal, boundary, business and demographic data to gain market insight, inform business decisions, and plan growth strategies with confidence.

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Extraordinary access
Pitney Bowes Software offers numerous datasets of our own creation as well as a wide selection of 3rd party data—all designed to help you gain the insight you need.

Extraordinary coverage
More than 200 countries and territories are represented within our library of geographic data.

Extraordinary solutions
From street data to geocodes, demographics to business data, and postal data to administrative boundaries, we offer a comprehensive selection of current, highly accurate current datasets for countries worldwide.

  • Postal Data: Get the most current cartographic representation of postal code information for hundreds of countries worldwide.
  • Boundary Data: Access highly accurate administrative, census, postal and political boundary data for mapping and planning purposes.
  • Business Data: Add more detail to your analyses by identifying competitors’ locations, concentration of business-types within geographical areas, and industry-specific opportunities and risks.
  • Imagery Data: With worldwide coverage and ultra-fine resolution, gain powerful perspectives on your markets, properties and communities.
  • Demographic Data: Combine our demographic data with our powerful mapping and analytical solutions for enriched insights. Options include:
  • Segmentation systems—Analyze neighborhood clusters to gain market share
  • Estimates & projections—Utilize demographic variables to anticipate need
  • Product & spending behaviors—Access the world's leading expenditure demographics

Pitney Bowes geo data products span the globe. These all integrate easily with our mapping and spatial analytics solutions.

The extraordinary depth and breadth of our geographic data solutions includes:

US Data Products: A range of different options--including industry-specific geo data:

  • Streets, Roads, Geocoders
  • Postal
  • Raster
  • Boundaries and/or Points
  • Demographics
  • Financial Services
  • Communications
  • Environmental
Centrus Data Products: Centrus Data Products offered by Pitney Bowes include the most recent USPS® release of ZIP+4®, City/State, ZIPMove, and other postal products.

Current street networks, points, and parcels data sets are based on the following vendor datasets:
  • Centrus Enhanced*
  • TomTom (Multinet)
  • TomTom Points (Multinet)
  • Centrus Points
  • Centrus Parcels*
  • Centrus Canada 6-digit Postcode centroids*
* The data sets in italics are currently not available for MapMarker software.

Pitney Bowes also offers a full range of international data products.

Industry Applications

From risk analysis to site selection, tax assessment to strategic planning, we provide datasets to address your needs.

Our U.S. and international data clients represent the following industries:
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Financial services
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • National, state and local governments
  • Social Media
We also provide industry-specific datasets for various industries including:
  • Financial Services
  • Communications
  • Environmental
  • Insurance