Enhanced Branch Network Performance
Establish long-term actionable plans for your current distribution network

Bolster branch revenue by aligning sales goals and marketing actions with local customer needs.

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The branch is not going away – but its role is definitely changing. Banks must optimize their largest capital investment in order to compete effectively.

Optimize branch efficiency

Branch networks represent 75% of total distribution costs.
Trends in Retail Banking Channels: Improving Client Service and Operating Costs.
Branches and call centers have highest average cost per transaction.
Trends in Retail Banking Channels: Improving Client Service and Operating Costs.
NEED continued investment in branches with highest revenue potential.

Maximize branch performance

83% of consumers would be highly interested in branches offering expanded portfolio of services.
Winning Strategies for Omnichannel Banking, CISCO
About half of consumers prefer to apply for loans/mortagages at a local branch.
Building a Customer Centric Business Model for Retail Banks
NEED to maximize branch/employee sales productivity, set locally relevant goals, and avoid simple historical views.

Align resources for growth

66% of consumers say branch convenience is the primary reason for choosing their bank.
Global Retail Banking Study Serves Buffet of Tasty Factoids
Shrinking branch traffic means fewer sales opportunities, with fewer new accounts per branch FTE.
NEED to deeply understand trade area to create targeted offers, and use other channels to drive traffic to the local branch.

Today’s collaboration challenges



  • Are activities aligned with goals for each brand?
  • Do analytics drive best next action?
  • What should I sell?
  • How do competition and opportunity affect performace?
  • Where can I complete?
  • How many branches do I need?
  • What should I change in current network?

Success requires making the right data driven decisions throughout the lifecycle of your branch network.

Banks should leverage consistent data for driving their near and long-term branch distribution plans.
Successful banks will be those that can streamline their branch networks while simultaneously driving higher revenues through achieved branch sales goals.

Understanding and insights lead to better customer experiences and longer, more profitable relationships.


Our Pitney Bowes Software solution provides best-in-class analysis of current markets served and performance of existing branch networks to make decisions on network optimization – who to keep, close, relocate and renovate.

Our solution targets appropriate sales goals for the remaining network by aligning branch household and product level goals with the local market opportunity. Our solution provides the capability to deliver impactful marketing campaigns and relevant offers, targeted at customer cross-sell and prospects to ensure goal achievement.

Capabilities include:

  • Branch network optimization decisions based on local opportunity, competition and current network performance.
  • Deliver branch based sales goals that reflect the local market opportunity.
  • Alignment of marketing campaigns and onboarding activities with branch specific performance expectations.
  • Recommend actions to front-line staff – empower bankers to act on understanding customer per interaction.

Optimizing branch profitability

Pitney Bowes Software’s network planning analysis is based on over 20 years of experience and over 1,100 engagements worldwide.
Performance expectations are based on local market opportunity, and benchmarked against peers based on competition, demographics and Household penetration. Uses one common understanding of the customer and prospects needs to link all customer interactions.
Our solution supports decisions on which branches to retain, and sets realistic performance expectations for the individual branches based on the opportunity in the unique market they serve.
Benefits include:

  • Leverage branch decisions to optimize efficiency ratios.

  • Sales goals that are representative of the opportunity and competition in the market – beyond historical performance approach.

  • Targeting campaigns to impact the right customers and prospects to achieve branch goals.

 “We’ve experienced double digit overall growth-about a 50 percent increase in total retail product sales”
Kelly Loring, Vice President,
Retail Sales Manager, Central Bancompany
 “There are many variables that make up the Bank’s expansion pro-forma, from the cost of real estate to long term leases to the many capitalized expenses. “The data received from PB makes up the foundational corners, the pillars, of the pro forma we develop,”
James C. Allen, Group Executive Vice President, Director
Retail Banking Group, Central Bancompany

Our solution supports decisions on which branches to retain, and sets realistic performance expectations for the individual branches based on the opportunity in the unique market they serve.

Key recommendations include:

  • Establish long term, actionable plan for your current network.
  • Set the right performance expectations for your branches and help them achieve plan.
  • Use data driven models to understand the true opportunity from each customer and prospect.
  • Align marketing and sales to achieve goals.
  • Because these goals reflect the customer and prospect household opportunity, marketing campaigns/offers can leverage real time decisioning to position the most relevant offer or action to ensure success in achieving branch goals.

As Broadway Bank sought ways to generate new revenue streams, used innovative ways to help with their branch acquisition, expansion, and relocation efforts.

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