Search, retrieve and display customer documents instantly

This high-speed, high-volume, high-performing repository allows you to provide ubiquitous access to critical communications - through virtually any interface or application.

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Gain instant access to customer communications

Now CSRs, auditors, administrators and brokers can instantly view years of stored data – including statements, policies and correspondence – for better customer service and significant savings in time and money.

The e2™ Vault from Pitney Bowes Business Insight lets front line users archive, search and retrieve customer documents in seconds. This high-speed, high-volume, high-performing document and data repository provides access to virtually all customer communications. Real-time indexing, compression, storage, and direct data-retrieval make it possible for you to integrate this advanced document archive and retrieval solutions directly into your call center, partner networks or customer website in just weeks.

Benefits of the e2 Vault data repository

  • High-end performance and scalability
  • Universal access to share repository
  • Eliminate paper copies to sales, agents and brokers
  • Seamless integration with internal apps and 3rd party systems
  • Reduced hardware, maintenance and support costs
  • Compliance with legal and records management requirements
  • Stores and retrieves all print document types
  • Simplified batch reprints

High-end performance and scalability
e2™ Vault provides advanced compression technology for unrivaled storage and retrieval of documents, letting organizations index and process over 2.5 million pages per hour in real-time. The technology offers native support for all major APA streams and output formats as well as common data formats like XML. Unlike other solutions, conversion to PDF and use of third-party tools are not required. With e2 Vault, there is no performance degradation as the repository grows, so thousands of concurrent users can instantly access documents, regardless of the size or age of the documents. Documents are loaded into e2 Vault quickly with no disruption to operations, so CSRs and customers have online access to documents within hours of a production run.

Universal access to share repository
In many industries, documents are critical to business performance. e2 Vault makes these high-volume documents available to CSRs, auditors, clients, health care providers, plan administrators, and employees in a highly secure environment. Our shared repository provides access to both documents and data sources to support any type of web presentment or self-care application you may wish to deploy.

Eliminate paper copies to sales, agents and brokers
There’s no longer a need to print and distribute paper copies of customer documents. The e2 Vault includes the e2 Mobile Vault tool, which lets you create a fully indexed and searchable subset of the archive, such as by customer, broker or agent. This subset can subsequently be used to create a CD, DVD, or FTP delivered image, complete with integrated searching and viewing for distribution purposes–perfect for field-based account managers and financial advisors.

Seamless integration with internal apps and 3rd party systems
The intelligent design allows you to easily configure other internal or third-party applications so they can search the e2 Vault and display documents through your preferred interface. We also provide cockpit integration with business systems, including accounting, billing, customer care, call center, and CRM applications. When combined with e2 Present as a total solution, you can expand that access to customers as well.

Reduced storage hardware, maintenance and support costs
Advanced compression technology enables real-time storage and retrieval using industry standard hardware, eliminating expensive and high maintenance storage devices. Additionally, e2 Vault utilizes full HSM support for data migration based on business process requirements.

Compliance with legal and records management requirements
Organizations can store the original, native print streams including all point-in-time resources. Users can manage all generational resources to ensure accurate storage and representation of all documents. And through one of Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s partner relationships, users can declare, classify and track documents as corporate records.

Store and retrieve all print document types
e2 Vault stores and retrieves both system-generated documents and XML as well as non system-generated documents and data. Organizations can also store and retrieve scanned images such as invoices, contracts and support documents such as order and trade confirms and link back to customer data. This central repository enables users to mine and repurpose data in third party applications or generate new ad-hoc reports.

Simplify batch reprints
e2 Vault enables users to select a range of documents for viewing and reprinting. For example, within a multi-million-page print run, users can select pages 5750-6000, view these documents to ensure they’re correct, and then instruct e2 Vault to create this subset of the print file for use on the original production printer.

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