Give your customers the tools they need to access their account 24/7

Offering the most advanced online functionality-including bill presentment, real-time account status, dispute resolution, account reconciliation, change management and flexible payment options.

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Improve customer satisfaction with online self-service
Give your customers the tools they need to access and update their account, review bills and make payments – 24/7. The e2™ Account Management solution enables consumers and businesses to efficiently self-service all aspects of their accounts.

The e2 Account Management Suite from Pitney Bowes Business Insight empowers organizations to build personalized customer self-service portals – more quickly and cost effectively – to drastically improve the overall user experience. e2 Account Management makes it easy to offer the most advanced online functionality – including bill presentment, real-time account status, dispute resolution, account reconciliation, change management and flexible payment options. It provides a dynamic, interactive experience using an enterprise-wide standard platform, with a highly scalable architecture that simplifies both development and integration – while minimizing expense.

Benefits of e2 Account Management

  • Increase cash flow — Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and collect payments faster and more efficiently, as well as conduct cash forecasting via real-time reporting and analysis tools.
  • Save significant costs — Utilize analytic and self-service tools to minimize time spent and reduce costs on adjusting invoices and processing payments.
  • Improve Call Center efficiency — An intuitive, automated user interface helps call center representatives quickly resolve transaction disputes and reconcile complex invoices, increasing profits, while reducing costs.

Advanced functionality for online self-service
With the e2™ Account Management Suite, consumers and businesses can more efficiently manage all aspects of their account with self-service real-time account status, automated dispute management, global reporting and analytics and flexible payment options. Companies can accelerate payments, better predict cash flow, reduce overall billing costs and build customer loyalty.

The e2 Account Management Suite offers advanced online functionality for a wide range of business needs — including bill presentment, turnkey e-billing and advanced integrated account management for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business applications.

With the advances in web technology and the open standards of Struts 2, EJB3.0, AJAX and JPA, the new edition of e2 Account Management Suite frees developers and third-party integrators of the usual constraints of proprietary software, commonly found in Web self-service solutions. This results in faster development and deployment, reduced personalization costs, reduced developer training, as well as easy maintenance and quicker upgrades to new functionality.

Real-Time, Online Access to Account Information
Our dynamic, interactive online account management provides real-time access to account billing, invoice and other information. With online account management capabilities, your customers and business partners can check daily updated balances, account status and account histories. Customers also gain access to responsive online customer service, FAQs, and links to targeted product and service offerings. Call Center CSRs and business partners can sort and organize transactions to monitor and analyze billing and usage.

Online Dispute Resolution and Account Reconciliation
e2 Online Account Management makes it easier to resolve billing disputes — so you can shorten payment cycles and improve cash flow. Billing inquiries and disputes can be input by customers online and then queued for processing by a CSR. Built-in tracking, reporting and resolution capabilities provided cost-saving efficiencies. The solution also provides web-based presentation along with analytic and self-service tools to help minimize the time spent managing invoice reconciliation.

Real-Time Reporting and Analysis
The e2 Online Account Management solution provides robust reporting and analysis tools. Customers will gain the ability to monitor, summarize and view reports so they can analyze exact usage and billing status. (For instance, they can compare utility payments across seasons or years.) A central control and reporting function also provides administrator and customer service reporting capabilities, so you can manage operations efficiently, monitor customer viewing and payment behaviors, and access real-time transaction data to accurately predict cash flow.

Using e2 Query, a powerful data mining tool, business users can also query and extract data from dynamic print stream output for further analysis and ad-hoc reporting. Web reports can be distributed easily across the enterprise. e2 Online Account Management is an XML-centric solution, so your business can leverage XML for data repurposing, distribution into back-end business processes, reporting and analysis.

Integrates with Legacy Systems and Business Applications
e2 Online Account Management provides an enterprise-wide standard platform. Our highly scalable, J2EE multi-tier architecture simplifies web application development and integration with your company’s application servers, databases and legacy systems–including claims, billing, accounts receivable, finance, ERP and CRM. Our modern, service-oriented architecture can be easily extended across the enterprise, providing both business partners and customers access to online tools and resources. It reliably supports growing volumes of data, documents and users, while minimizing initial and ongoing maintenance expenses.

Secure End-to-End Billing and Invoice Processing
e2 Online Account Management offers single sign-in access to ensure efficient and secure integration with existing web presentment applications. It also provides multiple levels of document and page security, so you can create an efficient end-to-end billing and invoice process, integrating with your company’s database, legacy systems and business applications.