Access powerful reporting and mapping capabilities on-line, anytime, anywhere - with Waypoint OnDemand services.

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Overview Key Features

Waypoint OnDemand is a next-generation online visualization services solution that gives organizations the ability to see and interact with spatial and customer data in real time through a web browser. Waypoint OnDemand is designed for users who visualize and analyze spatial data when making important business decisions.

Explore the benefits of WayPoint OnDemand Services

Waypoint OnDemand are complete hosted services that provide organizations with the ability to understand:
  • Sales potential
  • Sales transfer impacts
  • Customer trade areas
  • Drive-time and ring parameters
  • Key demographic drivers
  • Marketing expenditures
Waypoint OnDemand not only grows with your organization by allowing users to continually update their data, but it can also be customized by the Pitney Bowes Software Services team to fit your specific needs.

Waypoint OnDemand requires only Internet access. Users can access the powerful reporting and mapping services to make strategic marketing, site-selection, and market-evaluation decisions anytime, anywhere.

Easy to navigate

Waypoint OnDemand empowers all levels of decision-makers, from entry-level users to executives, giving the ability to make important business decisions.

Fully hosted solution

No hardware to buy and no software updates to manually install. Software updates will automatically install through the web environment.

Integrated with Bing and Google

Waypoint OnDemand allows for users to choose their mapping platform of choice.

Supports national screening and hot-spot analyses

This specific functionality can be further extended to feature advanced forecast modeling.

Customized to fit your needs

Pitney Bowes Software Services team can customize Waypoint OnDermand to fit your specific needs.

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