Enable instant access to Salesforce.com

Data Services for Salesforce.com allow enterprises to quickly and easily implement a service-oriented architecture (SOA), providing companies with the agility to build IT solutions that support dynamic business needs.

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Overview Key Features

Access data with pre-built data services

Data Services for Salesforce.com® (SFDC) enable instant access to SFDC and deliver its content as pre-built, reusable data services. Data Services for SFDC allow enterprises to quickly and easily implement a service-oriented architecture (SOA), providing companies with the agility to build IT solutions that support dynamic business needs.

Data Services provide SFDC data and deliver it as standards-based Web services or SQL. Data Services for SFDC deliver high-level abstracts of the most common business objects, such as Leads, Accounts and Cases. This enables SOA-compliant applications, as well as traditional front-end applications such as a reporting tool, to consume the content, providing users with the visibility they Immediate impact on a wide range of projects
  • SOA Data Services – Enterprises need to get SOA up and running quickly. Data Services for SFDC deliver pre-built services, providing out-of-the-box content in the form of standards-based Web services, accelerating your path towards SOA.
  • Single-view Projects – On Demand aggregation of operational and historical data about a given customer (or any other business object), across SFDC and other data sources to improve visibility for sales and service professionals.
  • Data Integration – Data Services for SFDC are read/write, enabling easy insert and update of key data, with all application business rules enforced, without a big infrastructure effort. Access, combine and deliver information from disparate data sources, including Oracle® EBS, Siebel® and SAP®.
  • Operational Business Intelligence – Use Data Services for SFDC to power business intelligence, portal and dashboard initiatives. On-demand information from SFDC enables better management visibility and day-to-day business decisions.
  • To add powerful Data Services to your enterprise systems, without the costs of custom development, contact us today.

Access and share information more quickly

Quickly and easily implement service-oriented architecture (SOA) initiatives with standards-based Web services that are ready to use with Salesforce.com (SFDC). Eliminate time-consuming programming and API complexities. Combine data from disparate sources to create a single view of a business object (such as a customer). Enhance operational business intelligence and decision-making with Data Services and on-demand information from SFDC.

Accelerate projects with pre-built content

  • Leverage frequently used business information already packaged with context, to speed up projects and reduce risks
  • Launch powerful data services without writing code
  • Eliminate programming and API complexities, and save valuable time

Support data integrity requirements

Data Services enforces application level user authentication and restricted data access based on user responsibilities.

Provide non-invasive access to data

Data Services accesses SObjects via auto-generation of Sforce Object Query Language (SOQL) calls.

Data integrity

Data Services for SFDC enforces user authentication and visibility rules as defined by SFDC.

Comprehensive results

Transparently by-pass the 200-row-limit of SObject calls.

Optimized Performance

Data Services for SFDC is faster than basic adapters, using specialized query algorithms.

Data caching

Data Services for SFDC features table and file caching to mitigate the impact of frequently requested queries.

Multiple data types/procedures

Data Services for SFDC supports multiple data types such as Multipicklists and procedures such as Convertlead.

Data updates

Data Services for SFDC supports transactional inserts, updates and deletes.

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