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Reduce risk and boost customer satisfaction

Anticipate customer needs and maximize revenue while optimizing networks

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Telcos need to adjust to the latest generation of consumers who are tech savvy and demand premium service.

Increase quality of service

Better Customer experience is high priority for 68% of telcos
OVUM Report
Annual churn ranges from 10-67%
Mobile Wireless Competition Report,
Federal Communications Commission
Telcos need to increase satisfaction with better service coverage, reliability and connectivitiy

Build out a smarter network

Global 4G/LTE capital spend will triple in 2013
Yahoo Financials
Over 1 billion smartphones in use globally; 2 billion by 2015
Strategy Analytics
Need to optimize coverage and capacity ROI and intelligently build out the network

Manage 4G network deployment

4G voice and data (VoLTE and LTE) will transform how services are monetized and bundled
Need to reduce churn and improve customer satisfaction with premium 4G rollouts

Understanding locations and mobile customers for telecommunications network optimization.

Whether offering 4G, bundles, group plans, faster networks or better apps, knowing “where” will help get you there.

Sluggish economy requires cost control, but competition and change demand new investment

Competitors' coverage, quality and price give customers more reasons to switch

Market Share
In a saturated market telcos must monetize 4G services to grow revenue

Telecommunications are critical for connecting our world. But networks are complex. Customers are on the go and craving new applications. Next-generation deployments need to be fast.

It's time to reduce risk and boost customer satisfaction, while streamlining network planning and operations with geocoding, reverse geocoding, mapping and analysis technologies.

Data management, customer analytics and location intelligence capabilities help telcos manage 4G planning and quality-of-service initiatives.

Optimize Networks for Maximum Revenue

Network infrastructures represent major expenses for communication providers. As networks grow in complexity, the ability to analyze, plan and monitor these systems becomes increasingly important.

To optimize technology investments and grow revenue, providers are challenged to identify target customers, along with their service, technology and coverage needs, and to provide better quality service.

  • Improving Overall Quality of Service: Exploring network inefficiencies and coverage holes with data gathering, feedback and map visualization is essential to service improvement. Modeling network build-outs in relation to customers, potential customers, demographics, competitors and other network assets helps determine the optimal approach.

  • Analyzing Network Data and Usage: Consolidating and analyzing network data and usage can uncover deeper customer and network insights and trends for creating new services, product bundles and prioritizing regional/demographic quality of service.

  • 4G Network Deployment Management: Using location technologies to pinpoint the premium areas for 4G rollouts and the best way to allocate assets is critical to expand service choices and bundle services for greater profitability.

Improve service quality and efficient roll out of 4G services

Boost Customer Loyalty and Improve Quality of Service

As providers strive to uncover trends in their data and next-generation rollouts, they must visualize the network for improved network planning while simultaneously uncovering trends in network data to improve the quality of service.  

  • Ensure accurate network data analysis with data aggregation and cleansing.
  • Run coverage gap analysis and share/collaborate enterprise-wide.
  • Identify optimum locations of fiber optic cable and cell towers for 4G rollout.
  • Visualize network build-outs and perform desktop analysis.


Waves: "Leader in location intelligence"
"Pitney Bowes Software strengths lie in its ability to offer postal address validation, verification and enrichment, especially in geocoding and other location-intelligence-centric capabilities, while still offering strong core data cleasing and standardization data quality rule management—especially for customer name and address data."

Ventana Research Tony Cosentino:
"Pitney Bowes reinvents to become a company for today and tomorrow."

Ted Friedman:

"The greatest challenger in customer data quality."

multiple magic quadrant vendor

Lifetime Customer Relationships

Employ the latest data management, customer analytics and location intelligence support for next-generation network planning and quality-of-service initiatives.

  • Increase efficiencies in network design and roll out, saving time and money.
  • Improve accuracy of network asset location and network monitoring.
  • Gain a better understanding of both networks and customers.

Download ReportVentana Research Report: Evaluation Criteria for Enterprise Geocoding
Download White PaperThe Geocoding Advantage: Best Practices for Managing Customer and Location-Based Data in Telecommunications

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