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StreamWeaver helps you boost print stream performance by running applications built in StreamWeaver's programming syntax, which is designed especially for working with most popular business document formats.

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How your business presents itself on paper is how your customers will see you. StreamWeaver is a powerful print stream engineering tool, providing easy document modification solutions.

StreamWeaver provides superior distribution strategies for both hard copy printing and digital documents by letting you easily enhance and modify files in real time. You'll be able to quickly respond to new opportunities and changing business requirements without disrupting operations - saving you time and money.

High-speed, high-quality document management with StreamWeaver

StreamWeaver offers solutions for all your print stream engineering needs. Designed to work in conjunction with your existing print-ready file creating applications, this outstanding software tool has a number of benefits. Its high-quality, high-speed features include:

  • Document consolidation, personalization, and target marketing
  • Postal automation and Intelligent Mail barcoding
  • File-based processing
  • One-to-One messaging and selective inserting
  • Account management solutions
  • Integration with external programs

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Improve your print stream process by upgrading to StreamWeaver today

StreamWeaver brings everything together in one place. It is a comprehensive and modular solution that is sure to meet all your enterprise print stream needs. Upgrading to StreamWeaver will allow you to:

  • Reduce printing and mailing costs
  • Tackle complex business challenges
  • More efficiently and effectively communicate with your customers

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Key Features of StreamWeaver

Our print stream engineering solution, StreamWeaver, provides you with a superb range of key features, so that you can create and distribute customer communications more efficiently.

Effective communications creation capabilities

StreamWeaver enables you to create better customer communications. With our print engineering software, you can:

  • Improve targeting and customize your customer communications with one-to-one messaging and selective inserting.
  • Extract and present print stream data in electronic document formats that provide your customers with an enhanced web site experience.

Provides added flexibility with or without IT involvement

StreamWeaver gives you a range of options to help you to improve your print stream processes. You can use it to:

  • Update, modify and redirect print streams on-the-fly
  • Run applications that work with most popular business document formats
  • Easily analyse, develop and test your print stream processes with built-in tools, including WYSIWYG viewers

Efficient and cost-effective

You can increase the efficiency of your operations and reduce costs with StreamWeaver by:

  • Streamlining your document creation and distribution processes
  • Matching documents with the same destination, combining them into a single envelope to reduce postal expenses and increasing mail deliverability
  • Applying postal automation to all mailings at a central point, to maximize your postal savings
  • Controling postal costs and meeting changing USPS requirements for moving from Postnet to Intelligent Mail barcodes
  • Integrating your print stream with postal coding to improve mail delivery.

Simple to integrate advanced tools

StreamWeaver provides you with a range of advanced tools, which you can integrate into your current systems, to enable you to tackle complex business problems. With StreamWeaver, you can:

  • Save on postage with data quality and mailing efficiency solutions
  • Facilitate internal customer support and external customer self-service by integrating e-billing solutions
  • Find e-presentment, e-payment, archiving, OAM and e-service capability all in a comprehensive, modular solution.

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