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AddressRight® Pro delivers a comprehensive mail management solution that supports a complete range of presort methods. Designed to save time and money, the advanced, graphical environment and wizard/template architecture make it easy to learn and use.

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Go beyond demographics and gain a true understanding of both your customers and your target markets. By identifying your best customers, defining how to reach them most effectively and locating where they are concentrated, you possess the ultimate decision support tool. But, this customer and market knowledge can be taken one step further and translated into better site location, merchandising and marketing strategies.

The easy-to-use AddressRight® Pro system gives both experienced and novice mailers all the power, productivity and control needed to meet the many demands of varied customers. A variety of features and options will save you time and money as you prepare your mailings.

Discover how AddressRight® Pro technology can transform your enterprise by:

  • Giving you step-by-step control of your entire mail process.
  • Boosting your productivity with easy-to-use, time-saving features.
  • Getting your address lists up to date and up to speed.
  • Saving money by making you eligible for postal discounts.

The software is equipped with powerful tools to optimize your mail preparation process:

DPV (Delivery Point Validation) - Provides accurate delivery address information and identifies bad or non-existent addresses.

Address Verification – CASS - Coding Accuracy Support (CASS) verifies that the address falls within a deliverable range, corrects misspellings and adds required USPS ZIP Code information

Presort Savings – PAVE - Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluation (PAVE) is an USPS-approved presort methodology that ensures address sorting accuracy and automatically completes USPS required mailing forms.

Duplicate Detection - Quickly finds duplicate addresses and lets you separate or delete them. Avoid sending the same message more than once by detecting similar names, addresses and/or phone numbers.

Geocoding - This process assigns a precise latitude/longitude coordinate to an address. Improves your ability to target prospects and provides more detailed analysis than creating queries based on ZIP Code alone.

LACS (Locatable Address Conversion System) - LACS was developed in response to the needs of the 911 emergency systems. It automatically updates rural-style addresses to city-style addresses and saves money by reducing undeliverable-as addressed mail.

ELOT (Enhanced Line of Travel) - Provides enhanced carrier information to expedite mailings. Creates eligibility for USPS presort discounts of up to 25%.

VeriMove™ Net - Access the latest USPS National Change of Address information. Updates the most current address information prior to mailing, in real time over the internet, available 24/7.

Label Designer Plus Software - Fully integrated mail piece design software that helps optimize critical marketing space in your mail piece. Ensures that you follow postal regulations and instantaneously designs postage-saving barcodes.

These add-on features can enhance your ability to presort your mailings:


Provides essential presorting capabilities to enable faster delivery, easier tracking and reduced operational costs; available for Periodical and Standard Mail with tray-based, sack-based and package-based presorts.

Package Services

Allows you to extend your presort capability by adding Bound Printed Matter, Media and/or Library Mail options.

Mixed Weights

Add the Mixed Weights option for First-Class and Standard Mail.

As a PAVE™ Gold certified product, AddressRight® Pro is certified by the USPS under the following Presort Categories:

Standard Mail
Automation Flats
Automation Letters
Bundles on Pallets
Cosacked Flats
ECR Flats
ECR Letters
Irregular Parcels
Machinable Letters
Non-Automation Flats
Nonmachinable Letters
Not Flat-Machinable Pieces (< 6 ounces)

First Class
Automation Flats - Bundle Based
Automation Flats - Tray Based
Automation Letters
Cotrayed Flats
Machinable Letters
Non-Automation Flats
Nonmachinable Letters
Presorted Parcels

Automation Flats
Automation Letters
Bundles on Pallets
Bundles on Pallets - Nonmachinable Flats
Carrier Route Flats
Carrier Route Letters
Cosacked Flats
Non-Automation Flats
Non-Automation Letters

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