Whether your need is batch processing millions of records, real-time address verification, or integrating with third-party applications, our powerful, flexible solution for address quality and mailing efficiency can close the loop on customer communications.


Manage your business geographics through a single turnkey interface

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AddressRightNow Service

The AddressRightNow Service enables you to update your mailing lists quickly and easily resulting in a more effective mailing by eliminating inaccurate addresses and updating your list based on the latest change of address information from the USPS.

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AddressRight® Pro

AddressRight® Pro delivers a comprehensive mail management solution that supports a complete range of presort methods.

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SmartMailer™ 7 and SmartMailer™ Premium

SmartMailer™ finds duplicates and undeliverables and flags them for deletion. It also corrects addresses using a CASS-certified DVD-ROM that stores every deliverable address in the US.

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Spectrum Address Now Module

Explore the benefits of our address validation software. Ideal for building an accurate database of contacts – our address validation tools are fast, effective and simple to use.

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SynTel AutoMail

Create an efficient work flow of customer documents, especially for monthly and quarterly statements.

Achieve average postage savings of up to 25% per mail piece

  • Presorts to USPS® standards, for lowest possible postage rates.
  • Organizes mailings by weight and separates oversized envelopes or items that require special handling.

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