Direct Marketing Analytics

As with all forms of marketing, it is essential to measure the results of direct marketing activities to make sure you are getting the most out of your budget. Generally speaking, direct marketing measurement is about two things: finding out how well the current campaign is performing and gaining insights to apply to future campaigns. 

At the outset of any direct marketing campaign, it is important to establish a clear and measurable goal, which is usually reflected in the campaign’s call to action. In the past, it wasn’t always easy to connect the dots between the call to action and campaign results. Most businesses had to rely on asking customers, which isn’t a very reliable form of marketing measurement. Now, with the introduction of digital tools and channels, direct marketing analytics has become easier, more accurate and more affordable than ever.

Email marketing analytics: The best way to track the results of an email marketing campaign is to use an email marketing software solution like pbSmart™Connections, which comes with built-in analytics tools. Every time you send an email marketing message to your contacts you can log in and see the campaign results in real time, and find out exactly who has opened your message and who has clicked on the various links. This helps you spot which messages and content are generating interest and driving results.

Direct mail marketing analytics: In the past, direct mail measurement was limited to a few options such as dedicated phone numbers or special discount codes. Many businesses are now using QR codes and dedicated URLs to make it easier to track campaign responses. With a QR code generator like pbSmart™Codes, you can add a QR code to any direct mail piece and track how many customers scanned your code in real-time. Direct mail solutions like pbSmartMarketer™ will add a dedicated website URL to your direct mail pieces, so you can see exactly how many customers visited the website in your direct mail call to action.

Bill advertising analytics: With bill advertising there are a few additional options for direct marketing measurement. For example, mail solutions like pbSmartPostage™ and pbWebConnect™ allow you to print QR codes and marketing messages directly onto your envelopes. This allows you to instantly track responses as your campaign goes live.