Use a shipping label printer with pbSmartPostage™

pbSmartPostage works with a shipping label printer that attaches to your computer. This allows you to print adhesive shipping labels for all your parcels. If your office ships lots of parcels, then a shipping label printer will save more time.

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How Do Shipping Label Printers Work?

A shipping label printer is a special device that only prints shipping labels. Instead of printing on standard paper, they use rolls of adhesive shipping labels.

Because these printers only serve one purpose, they tend to be the fastest way to print lots of shipping labels. For offices that ship many of the same parcels, a label printer can print dozens of labels in a short time.

pbSmartPostage is a complete shipping system for small businesses. It integrates directly with digital postal scales as well. To print a shipping label, place your package on the postage scale and enter the details of your shipment in the online tool.

Once you have selected the mail class and entered your destination, the system will print a shipping label onto a self-adhesive sheet with your shipping label printer. Simply peel off the label, affix it to your package and it is ready to go!

Shipping Label Printer

Using a shipping label printer in this way is not just accurate, but it also saves a lot of time. That's especially important for online retailers and other kinds of offices that send a lot of parcels each month. Put more time back into your work week with a label roll printer.

Is a Shipping Label Printer Required?

A roll printer is not required to print shipping labels with pbSmartPostage. You can still use a standard office printer to print labels. They can be printed on regular paper or on special adhesive paper. Just note that when using standard paper, you'll need to find a way to affix the shipping label to your parcel. You can always add a roll printer later on by visiting our online postage supplies store. That lets you try printing shipping labels through other ways before opting for a special printer.

What's the Benefit of a Printer?

A roll printer saves you time - plain and simple. It takes up very little space in the office and can print large batches of shipping labels quickly. If your office ships more than several parcels per week, then a label printer may be a big help.

To meet the particular needs of your business, the system integrates with both 2-inch and 4-inch shipping label printers. Simply plug one of these printers into the USB port on your computer to get started. Both the printers and the shipping labels can be ordered from the pbSmartPostage online postage supplies store.

See how quick and easy it is to ship packages with pbSmartPostage and shipping label printers.

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