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pbSmart Connections is an email marketing application loaded with the easy-to-use templates and tools you need to build engaging customer communications. You’ll be able to connect with your customers on a whole new level with email and social integration that exponentially increases impact.

With pbSmart Connections, it’s easy to:

  • Send invitations to events and fundraisers
  • Publish newsletters to stay in touch with customers
  • Promote sales and specials with email
  • Post your email campaign to Facebook and Twitter
  • Manage and track campaigns from anywhere

Connect with email and social, get the tracking you need, and do it anytime and anywhere your business takes you. All from Pitney Bowes, a long-time trusted resource for over a million businesses.

Response increases and cost decreases when messages resonate with the recipient. pbSmart Connections makes target marketing easy with custom segmentation.

  • List Segmentation With this powerful feature, you can target the most profitable customers on your list and send different messages based on list criteria. 
  • List Exclusion With this powerful feature, you can include or exclude specific lists or segments from receiving a message.

Whether you want to get more customers to buy or get your customers to buy more, you can create successful messaging with hundreds of templates.

  • Beautifully Designed Templates Included: Give your message the professional look it deserves with our simple templates – easily include your company logo. 
  • Mail-Merge Personalization: Personalize your message much further than "Dear [fname]." You have your choice of using any field you have data for in your messages.

In the Digital Age, customer preferences change quickly. Keep up to date, and communicate in their preferred medium. Distribute your messages through multiple channels, including email, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Industry-Leading Deliverability: We have a strong commitment to delivering high-quality content, we have whitelist agreements and feedback loops with the major ISPs. 
  • Social Media Integration Use pbSmart Connections to create integrated campaigns by automatically posting your emails with specials and promotions to Facebook & Twitter.
  • Assured Compliance Rest easy knowing your messages conform to anti-spam legislation and privacy laws. We always play by the rules.

Know when to expand your efforts and when to curtail them. Our real time tracking tools help you find out what worked and what needs work.

  • Tracking & Reporting
    • Ties to Google Analytics
    • Easy to use and understand reporting
      • Campaign Reporting
      • Click thru Reports
      • Trend Reporting
      • Geography Reporting
      • Subscriber Action Reporting
      • Reporting by Domains
      • Social Media Reporting

pbSmart Connections makes updating your contact list simple, one contact at a time or thousands at once. Take advantage of your viral messages by adding new contact information.

  • Signup Forms Add a signup form to your website to convert visitors from your website into email list subscribers.
  • Automated Subscription Management Your contacts can automatically subscribe or unsubscribe from their list with no interaction from you. 
  • Forward-to-a-Friend Our customers get tons of new subscribers added to their lists from their own subscribers using our forward-to-a-friend feature.

After your free trial, choose the plan that’s right for you. If your business needs change, you can adjust your plan at any time.

# of ContactsPricing
Up to 300$9.99
Up to 1,000$19.99
Up to 2,500$28.99
Up to 5,000$45.99
Up to 10,000$72.99
Up to 25,000$145.99
More than 25,000Call 877-822-0996

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