Enhanced Support Services
Up-to-date, secure, and running at optimum performance

Enhanced Support Services is an added value service that provides a comprehensive software/PC workstation monitoring, endpoint security and recovery solution.

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Enhanced Support Services can help provide assurance that your solution workstations are up-to-date, secure, running at optimum performance, and ready for business demands.

Key features include:

  • Remote monitoring and self healing of system services
  • Online backup of critical system and data files
  • Endpoint Security -Virus and Malware protection
  • On-demand chat connection for live support for targeted solutions support
  • Annual PC optimization event

Enhanced Support Services may help in many ways to provide you options for performing tasks required to properly maintain any business workstation.

Benefits include:

  • Mitigating risk and costs associated to avoidable failures
  • Antivirus management and reduced AV update costs for workstations
  • Patch and seamless software update downloads for most PB Software Systems Solutions
  • Proactive support efforts - reducing time and effort rather than seeking service support
  • Adverting risk and saving time when unauthorized applications are identified
  • Quick instant access via Live Chat interface to support during critical system demand

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