Ecommerce address verification services from the world leader in location information.

Pitney Bowes brings a leading-edge customer data quality solution to the Ecommerce market, making it simple for retailers to keep up with increased globalization.

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Statistics show that 1/3 of your web traffic is already outside the U.S. As that percentage increases, maintaining accurate international customer data will become a critical business process. Many ambiguities are introduced as international address data are entered into Ecommerce systems. Among the problems are misplaced elements or varying abbreviations that are not only language, but country specific.

Key features include:

  • International Address validation services to 200+ countries
  • Robust unicode services for character mapping
  • Domestic Address Validation services
  • CASS and SERP certified services
  • Delivery Point Validation service
  • Potal-rules driven engine
  • Denied Parties Screening for U.S. export compliance
  • Available on-demand and in the checkout


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