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Safely discard your company's information and minimize your risk with the help of Pitney Bowes.

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Pitney Bowes Secure Destruction Services (SDS) can help you safely discard your company's information using a strict chain-of-custody. Addressing concerns with identity theft, records management, and better regulatory controls, Pitney Bowes can help organizations minimize their risk by providing this convenient and easy to implement service at competitive prices.

Our NAID-compliant (National Association for Information Destruction) four-step process serves to better protect confidential information and to further your sustainability initiatives.
The process includes detailed steps in:

  • Material collection - We provide locked bins that our trained employees collect as scheduled.
  • Transport - Our bonded drivers take ownership of the locked bins and directly deliver to our mobile shred trucks or shredding facilities.
  • Facilities - Our high-security facilities include 24/7 alarm monitoring, fire/burglar alarm and key card access.
  • Destruction - All received material is shredded according to NAID guidelines.
  • Post destruction - All shredded material is compacted and recycled through an approved paper recycler. A Certificate of Destruction is issued.

Along with our regularly scheduled Secure Destruction Service, Pitney Bowes also provides services for year-end or one-time purges of bulk records for compliance purposes, office moves, or consolidation. After the material has been destroyed, we can provide you with a Certificate of Destruction upon your request.

Many times, you have information that is so confidential that only a few people should have access to it. Disposal of these documents should not be done via a self-service model. Our trained professionals can help support your confidentiality needs.

Client files, price lists, correspondence, and proprietary information often end up in the trash. In several well-publicized situations, dumpster diving has led to identity theft. Our Secure Destruction Services helps support convenient and safe disposal of critical private documents.

Your vendors should support your sustainability programs. We recycle your destroyed paper in respect to the environment.