Inbound Document Processing

The sheer volume of a company's inbound documents can be staggering. Pitney Bowes Document Processing Solutions can help you manage the cost and logistics of thousands of inbound documents.

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Digital Communication Center

Digital Communication Center provides reliable, cost-effective, and secure digital capture. DCC also helps standardize processes, control costs, and optimize document workflow to improve business performance.

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Secure Destruction Services

Safely discards your company’s information using a strict chain of custody. This solution helps minimize identity theft, and enables better records management, regulatory controls, and environmental standards.

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Records & Information Management (RIM)

Records and Information Management captures vital information in physical or electronic documents, and then connects it to your company's data structure and records operations, enabling you to stay informed while saving the company time, money.

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On-Site Records Management Services

Accurately store and monitor thousands of documents

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Information & Records Management Solutions

Optimize your existing document processes, manage every step of the document handling operation and have reporting tools to monitor processing activity against pre-set Service Level Agreements.

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