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Ship the same way you ship today – without multiple payments and hassles.

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If you're like most shippers, you receive invoices from multiple carriers, each with different due dates and payment requirements.

We make it easier to manage shipping expenses - without changing your shipping process. Just add shipping to your existing Purchase Power® account. Best of all, Pitney Bowes handles everything and sets up your carriers, with no activation fees, no transaction fees and no contracts. All you have to say is Yes.

Ship the same way you ship today - without multiple payments and hassles.

View Shipping Payments
Add your shipping payments to your Purchase Power® statement. Pay for postage, FedEx, UPS and local carriers with a single payment - in full or over time.

Streamline Processes
Eliminate the time and expense associated with multiple payments to multiple vendors.

Control Costs
Manage expenses with all-in-one online reporting that provides the big-picture view of your payments.

Earn Double Rewards
You earn two points for every dollar spent on shipping, redeemable for postage, shipping, supplies or gift cards.*

Flexible Payment Options
You have the option to pay the full balance, the minimum or anything in between. We extend the payment flexibility and convenience of your Purchase Power® account to all of your shipping purchases.**

The standard level of service can be provided for carriers who accept ongoing credit card payments. Pricing and rewards may vary for other carriers. Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.

No matter how many parcels, packages and freight shipments you send, pay for it all with a single payment, earn money saving rewards and view your total shipping and postage spend online. Simplify your shipping payments.

Call 1-855-383-6940 or visit for more information and to sign up today.

Manage shipping expenses on your terms.

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*Double reward points do not apply if a customer is so advised by Pitney Bowes.
** Finance charges may apply if payment is not made in full.

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