Refill postage by phone or online, anywhere, anytime.

Postage By Phone® refills postage meters over the telephone or online.

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With the Postage By Phone® service, Pitney Bowes meter customers can reset their postage meter and check account balances in seconds using our toll free telephone number or our website,

The Postage By Phone® service provides added convenience with features such as online statements, real-time account balance information, current and historical account activity information and online postage statements through Pay Purchase Power Online and Reserve Account Scheduled Pay.

With the Postage By Phone® service, customers can select from a variety of postage payment options including two solutions offered by Pitney Bowes:

The Purchase Power Account - The most convenient way to order and pay for postage. The Purchase Power account eliminates the need to pay for postage before a meter reset.  You can pay for all your mailstream needs including equipment rental payments, permit and meter postage, supplies and more. The Purchase Power account also earns you rewards that can be redeemed for free postage and supplies from Pitney Bowes or gift cards and merchandise from leading retailers.

Reserve Account - Higher volume mailers that prefer to pay in advance for postage earn free postage on their postage reserve.

The Postage By Phone® service is just a click or a toll free call away at 1-800-243-7800.

Learn more and reset your meter at the Postage by Phone® website.

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