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Optimize your current systems to ensure overall process quality and maximize the investment you’ve made in your technology with the help of Pitney Bowes.

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Onsite Records Management can help you more accurately store and monitor thousands of documents, enabling better information access and greater compliance. Your dedicated Pitney Bowes Records and Information Management (RIM) team will provide consultation, design, implementation and support for your installation. They will work with you to integrate your current records management system with best practice protocols and new technologies. Using a proven methodology, they will ensure the quality of your process, identify future program elements, and provide guidance for documentation and training.
Pitney Bowes Document Processing Solutions for Records Management offers the following services:

Records Center Management provides you with a dedicated team of records management experts for implementation and support of both active and inactive records for fast, accurate retrieval and delivery.

Records Compliance Service ensures that you are in line with industry regulations, helps you avoid penalties, preserves chain-of-custody and enhances document security.

On-Site Operation Optimization integrates your current systems to ensure overall process quality and gives you the technology tools you need. With our design expertise, we can help you better manage systems, space and your records program with:

  • Reengineered Records Program and Controls
  • Improved Workflow and Processes
  • Reduced Program Costs
  • Optimized Storage Systems
  • Intelligent Application of Records Technology
  • Integrated Technology and Media
  • Improved Access to Critical information
  • Managed Media
  • Coordinated Retention Programs

Additional Services:                                 
Project Support
Relocation Services
Space Design and Layout
Imaging / Scanning
Training Staff

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