Our Legal Solutions knows that a single document can make your case.

Whether your documents are electronic or hard copy, we deliver a customized solution, converting and organizing everything you need into one concise package, ensuring that nothing is left behind.

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Today, 90% of legal documents are electronic. Law firms, government agencies and large corporations need a way to manage massive amounts of electronic data for regulatory compliance, litigation and evidentiary chain-of-custody. Just one lost file or unrecoverable email can have a huge impact on a legal or investigative outcome.

Pitney Bowes Litigation and Document Services
provides a full range of solutions related to the collection, preservation, and processing, hosting, and delivery of electronic data and hardcopy in all types of litigation and compliance matters. We are an industry pioneer in electronic discovery, as well as hardcopy processing, and have more than 30 years of experience in litigation support. Our differentiators and strengths include:

A full spectrum of services:
We offer data collection, early case assessment, electronic discovery processing, scanning, coding, OCR, and web hosting, as well as other associated services, such as blowback printing and production set generation.

Expertise and great processing capabilities:
We understand that no two projects are exactly the same. With our experience and throughput capabilities, there is not much we haven't already seen or can't handle. We can process 20TB, scan 6M pages, code 3M pages, OCR 6M+ pages, and blowback 6M+ pages monthly.

National recognition as a top-tier vendor:
In the Socha-Gelbmann Annual Electronic Discovery Survey, Pitney Bowes Management Services was ranked among the top service providers in experience, production, corporate rankings, processing, and electronic discovery services. Recent awards include induction into the IPRO Hall of Fame, acknowledged as an iCONECT Top 10 ASP and IAOP lists Pitney Bowes Management Services as one of their 2010 Top 100 Global Outsourcing companies worldwide.

Experienced project managers:
Our PMs average 10 years in litigation support; all have managed multi-million-page projects. Most have come up through the operational ranks and have first-hand experience in performing various litigation support tasks. They act as the client's single point of contact and have full knowledge of all aspects of a project.

Multiple service centers:
We can support projects of all sizes through the National Processing Center (NPC) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Document Solution Centers (DSC) across the country.

The backing of an established and financially sound company:
Pitney Bowes, a 90-year-old Fortune 500 company, is committed to legal services and has demonstrated its commitment through acquisitions of industry leaders.

Controlled workflow and reporting:
We document every project end-to-end and provide regular status reports. Our clients always know what is happening with their documents and data and are able to make decisions regarding budget and schedule.

Defensible chain of custody:
we track document flow from start to finish, so that our clients' evidence is always accounted for.

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