Centralize your inbound documents safely and easily

Pitney Bowes Digital Communication Center includes solutions such as secure document capture, storage and retrieval, indexing and archiving---all seamlessly integrated with your existing processes and IT systems.

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Financial information, credit card applications, check processing, medical information and insurance claims...the sheer volume of an organization's inbound documents can be staggering. Through state-of-the-art imaging technology, the consolidation and centralization of business processes, and the expertise of highly trained personnel, Pitney Bowes Document Processing Solutions can help reduce the cost and logistical complexity of handling tens of thousands of inbound documents each year.

Pitney Bowes Digital Communication Center offers:

  • Multi-channel collection and preparation
  • Production scanning, image conversion, and quality assurance
  • Auto-classification and data extraction
  • Image and/or data delivery

Pitney Bowes Document Processing Solutions also offers Consolidated Capture to consolidate and centralize scanning operations at minimal cost. Based on established best practices, these services are flexible enough to respond to business change and growth. Through our partnerships with industry leaders, we deliver leading edge technology and products.

Pitney Bowes Consolidated Capture is comprised of the following steps:

  • Assess - Reviews existing infrastructure, technology, and processes.
  • Design - Provides a re-engineered and cost-effective solution.
  • Transform -Consolidates labor, technology, and processes.
  • Operate - Creates a Digital Communication Center.

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