Sell your existing white space.

Easy to use platform connects high-volume, transactional mailers with third party advertisers to leverage existing white space on statements.

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Pitney Bowes is able to bring both document owners and marketers together through an easy to use, end-to-end platform called MarketSpace™. With a combination that only Pitney Bowes offers—including the science to target an audience, the secure processes to create engagement in transactional documents, and the scale to reach the right audience in meaningful numbers—Pitney Bowes gives document owners the ability to market their available white space to external advertisers, while providing advertisers with the ability to target their placements on an individual basis through demographic modeling.

The MarketSpace™ platform consists of four primary capabilities:

  1. Transactional document characterization: MarketSpace™ analyzes an organization's transactional document format to find existing white space, including size and location. Targeting software analyzes monthly ZIP Code allocation to create a psychographic profile which includes 72 different economic, ethnic and age groupings.
  2. Advertiser Web portal: Third party advertisers view the characterization data of available statements through the MarketSpace™ Web portal and use this information to design a targeted campaign. After creating artwork that matches the size of the available white space, advertisers place an order for advertisements in specific demographic areas.
  3. Review and approval process: Document owners review and approve requests for potential advertisements.
  4. Ad placement and reporting: The MarketSpace™ TransPromo engine identifies actual statements that meet the advertiser’s criteria and leverages Pitney Bowes Production Intelligence™ output enhancement products to place the actual advertisement on individual statements prior to printing. Monthly reporting details total ad placement and for billing to third party advertisers.

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Watch our online demo to see how document owners create a statement characterization for MarketSpace™ and how third party advertisers set up an advertising campaign to purchase space. Learn how you can get started at your organization, including discussion of the top concerns of various stakeholders such as marketing, IT, production and sales.

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