Managing your business-critical communications

Ensure that the correct information reaches your audience on time, every time.

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Invoices, statements, transactional mailings, legal documents—communications such as these are essential to your organization. They can’t be late, go to the wrong address, or have missing elements. And, they must be opened by your recipients at a near 100% open rate. Otherwise, you could have serious compliance issues, revenue shortfalls and damage to your brand reputation.

Pitney Bowes High Value Client Communications integrates and manages your business-critical communications to ensure that the correct information reaches your audience on time, every time. From document creation to production to delivery, our team will work with you through the entire process and ensure that your objectives are met at each stage. We employ the latest data scrubbing, personalization, Six Sigma project management techniques and tracking capabilities so that your compliance and revenue goals are met.

We will:

  • Re-architect the communications structure for better enterprise visibility.
  • Implement digital content libraries for versioning and customization.
  • Standardize communications across the globe through enterprise templates.
  • Improve address quality and delivery tracking.
  • Provide end-to-end project management.

Pitney Bowes High Value Client Communications has the following components:

  • Compliance adherence. Promotes conformance to regulatory requirements through in-line tracking and process accuracy to avoid mistakes before they become problems.
  • Customer on-boarding. Enables you to create customized welcome kits and other materials for new accounts to increase effectiveness and customer loyalty.
  • CRM output. Incorporates customer-specific data to create communications that recognize each customer's uniqueness.
  • Expense visibility. Provides management tools that enable you to see exactly what and where you are spending so you can control costs without sacrificing quality.
  • Personalization/versioning. Employs in-line digital content libraries and just-in-time printing to create more effective personalization and increase your response rates.
  • Mailstream Consulting. Find postal discounts and compliance issues that elude most other providers. Let us show you how to optimize deliverability, while securing all the discounts available to you.