The evolution of mail!

Volly offers businesses the power to integrate their customer communications – physical and digital – into one efficient and comprehensive mailstream.

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Overview About Volly Resources

Pitney Bowes introduces Volly - a secure digital delivery service, businesses can use to connect with customers both digitally and physically.

Volly will change the way you think about mail - physical and digital.

  • No more spam or unwanted mail. Unlike traditional email or the internet, the VollyTM digital delivery service is secure and spam-free. The consumer will opt-in to participate, and the only information they will receive will be from mailers who have likewise opted into the service.
  • One source for viewing & paying bills. The VollyTM secure digital delivery service will aggregate the currently splintered environment for electronic billing and payments. Using the VollyTM service, consumers will only need to go to one website to see and act upon all their transaction mail.
  • Instant brand recognition. Consumers will be able to identify and recognize brands quickly and easily as each mailer will create a unique, branded experience for the consumer through the VollyTM service.
  • Easy integration for mailers. Our system offers easy integration with your current process for creating and printing physical mail, but also offers secure digital delivery to the consumer at a fraction of the current cost of printing and sending physical mail.
  • One centralized location for bills, coupons, catalogs....and you can take it with you. The VollyTM service electronically collects the various statements, catalogs and coupons sent to consumers by mailers and service providers who have signed up. Consumers then access-via a secure single log-in-their VollyTM digital mailbox which essentially serves as a 'dashboard' so that all items can be easily viewed and managed by the user.

Finally! You can have just one mailstream for all your customers' physical and digital mail.

The Volly advantage offers something for everyone.

For your business:
The only mailstream you'll ever need.
Volly is the ideal tool to help you deal with your ever-mounting printing and mailing costs. It helps you meet your customers demand for more control over their mail, both digital and physical, letting them choose when, where and how they get their information. Most importantly, with Volly, you can finally integrate your physical and digital mail into one comprehensive and efficient mailstream, enabling you to connect with your customers like never before.

For your customers:
The perfect product for our busy times
Volly is a secure digital online service that not only enables your customers to get their bills, statements, coupons, catalogs and promotions digitally, but also empowers them to pay those bills-using their checking accounts or credit cards-all from one site. With one click, your customers can de-clutter their lives. Gone are those unruly stacks of bills and statements. No more misplaced or forgotten invoices or coupons. It's all neatly organized-by brand-with automatic due-date and expiration-date reminders. For the time-taxed, it's the relief they've been looking for.

For your industry:
The Volly Advantage
For businesses in your industry, the Volly digital delivery service could potentially provide substantial cost savings while building stronger customer relationships. With Volly flexibility, high-volume mailers can now meet the growing demand for low-cost digital delivery without disappointing those consumers who prefer paper-based communications.

To learn more visit www.volly.com today.

The Volly™ secure online site, the only digital mail destination your customers need to receive and pay their bills, clip and save coupons, browse and shop catalogs and so much more.

Volly News
Pitney Bowes announces the Volly secure digital delivery service, a new cloud-based digital mail communications platform that empowers consumers to receive and pay bills and statements, retrieve and manage coupons, and much more.

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A Real Life Example:  eComOne & e-Boks Case Study
Digital mail is a big success in Denmark.  Today, more than half of Denmark's population have made the choice to receive their mail through e-Boks, a secure electronic mailbox for receiving and archiving important personal documents.  Download this fascinating case study to learn more.

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Mailer Overview
We live in a digital age, yet 84 percent of consumers still choose to receive paper statments, frustrating mailers' best efforts to convince their customers to switch to the more cost-efficient e-bills.  See why Volly, by providing a multichannel mailstream that enables you to give your customers more power and choices, could help you finally convince them to go digital.

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Industry Background
With Volly, Pitney Bowes provides mailers with the first secure, multichannel mail experience built around your needs—and consumers' lives. This physical and digital mail solution integrates digital delivery and electronic payments into existing production mail workflows—and builds upon the existing relationships between Pitney Bowes and 74 percent of the nation's high-volume transaction mailers. Building upon a strong commitment to physical mail delivery, the Volly service is a landmark innovation that can help mailers connect more efficiently, economically and effectively with their customers.

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The Mutually Managed Customer Experience
Is it possible for mailers to meet consumer demands for choice, security and comfort while managing productivity and costs? Yes, if you offer a mutually beneficial, mutually managed solution.

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Multichannel Management:  How to lower costs and maximize opportunities
The proliferation of the modes and means of communications has created challenges as well as opportunities for businesses. This paper explores a new alternative for streamlining production, preserving customer choice—and increasing the efficiency of communicating.

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