Creating in-line applications with a simple turn.

The Belt Turnover is the machine you need for product reorientation from your in-line inserter.

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The Belt Turnover, available in either a 6” x 9” or 10” x 13” model is equipped with 2 1/4” wide grip gum belts (helping to handle glossy products), clear, durable lexan covers and an extended support rod, providing greater control (up to 11” wide material). Adjustable belts are included to increase belt to product friction, helping eliminate “slip feeding”.

Our Belt Turnover comes with an open cover sensor, which automatically shuts the machine down if opened. All Belt Turnovers include a limited 2-year warranty.


Left to right or right to left product output capabilities.


Product turns to create an in-line application.

Feedable Material

Flats, Postcards, #10 Envelopes, Folderd Booklets.


  • Infeed is adjustable for thick or thin products
  • Variable speed for hard to control products
  • Easy integration
  • Quick set up


Phone:    800-522-0020 (select Option 2)

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