Speed and efficiency to enhance your mailing operations.

Designed for frequent mailers, the DA80f AddressRight fixed head envelope printer delivers optimum performance and dependability. Printing up to 22,000 mail pieces perhour, the DA80f can print addresses, barcodes and customized messages in one pass.

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The DA80f is the workhouse of address printers.While focused on productivity and performance, this system offers spot color as well as extensive fonts & graphics to make the mail piece as creative as you want it to be.

Its three fixed print heads deliver crisp, precise, direct-to-envelope imaging, creating a professional mail piece that makes an impact. Including the DA80f in your mail operations can increase profitability through operational efficiencies and increased response rates.Use the DA80f with one of our mail management software solutions, SmartMailer AddressRight® Pro, to help you cleanse your address list, ensure delivery to your target customer and take advantage of pre-sort discounts.


  • Prints up to 22,000 mail pieces per-hour
  • Handles media up to ¼” thick allowing for increased mail piece thickness and greater flexibility
  • Supports high speed USB communications and Ethernet allowing operators to share files and access information
  • Quick print head alignment reduces set up time by up to 80% expediting job completion time
  • Light mode printing offers the option to use less ink and still produce USPS-compliant barcodes.


? Description
22,000 per hour
Print Resolution
? Description
Regular Mode: 600 x 600, 300 x 600, 150 x 600
Media Sizes
? Description
3.5" x 5" to 14" x 15.5"
Media Weights
? Description
Up to 1/4"
Feeder Capability
? Description
450 # 10 envelopes
? Description
12 Internal Downloadable Windows True Type
? Description
18H x 17W x 18D
? Description
50 lbs
? Description
120 VAC 60 Hz

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