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Introducing pbSmartPostage™, the revolutionary online shipping postage tool. Now you can sell to anyone, everywhere and ship packages from anywhere using pbSmartPostage. Securely print online shipping postage and then track your packages wherever you have an Internet connection. You'll save money on overnight shipping by using Express Mail® guaranteed overnight delivery. It's secure, approved by USPS and no special software download is required.

Click. Print. Ship.

In this go anywhere, do anything world, enjoy the convenience of printing postage to ship and track your packages from any Internet connection, wherever you are.

Save money.

If you're not using Express Mail® for guaranteed overnight shipping you're overpaying. Express Mail® costs up to $10 less when compared to other overnight carriers. Plus, you save up to an additional 5% on Priority Mail® and Express Mail® services from USPS when you use pbSmartPostage

Use it anywhere to ship everywhere.

Print postage to ship packages to anywhere your customers are, wherever you have an internet connection. No special software download required. It doesn't get any easier or more convenient than this.

Never overpay for shipping.

Print the exact amount of postage for shipping parcels whenever, wherever you need it. With shipping rates at your fingertips and one of our optional scales, you'll never overpay for shipping again.

Enjoy flexibility.

Print postage anywhere you have an Internet connection to ship a package, a single stamp or a sheet of stamps. pbSmartPostage is great for remote or satellite offices, or whenever you're on the go and need to ship a parcel or mail a letter.

Never run out of stamps.

Buy and print individual stamps or a sheet of stamps.

Click, print, mail, ship and track with ease.

  • Secure, USPS approved online postage service that you access from any Internet connection with your user ID and password
  • Print shipping postage from any Internet connection to ship packages or mail using Priority Mail®, Express Mail®, Media Mail®, First-Class Mail® and Parcel Post®
  • Save up to 5% on Priority Mail® and Express Mail® services from USPS when you use pbSmartPostageTM
  • Express Mail® costs up to $10 less when compared to other guaranteed overnight carriers
  • Free Delivery ConfirmationTM with Priority Mail® and a discount on Signature Confirmation®
  • Easy rate shopping for best shipping options
  • Easily import addresses directly from your address book and enjoy free automatic address verification
  • Professionally printed postage allows you to keep the postage value private to the recipient, and avoid confusion about shipping cost
  • Insure packages
  • Conveniently print postage to ship a package, a single stamp or a sheet of stamps from your printer
  • Track and trace your parcels online and receive email updates
  • Accurately track postage expenditures
  • No special software download required

Are there any additional fees based on how much postage I use?

No. You pay face value for the postage you use.

What do I need to use pbSmartPostageTM?

You need a PC (Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7), Internet connection (Internet Explorer 7 & 8 or FireFox 3.0 & higher browsers) and an active email address. We are not compatible with Macintosh/Safari at this time but will be adding it soon.

Can I use my existing printer with pbSmartPostageTM?

Yes, you can use Windows compatible laser or inkjet printers to print on plain 8.5" x 11" white paper for shipping postage. You can print a single stamp of sheet of stamps on Printable Postage Sheets*.

Can I print onto plain paper with pbSmartPostageTM?

Yes, you can print on plain 8.5" x 11" white paper for shipping postage. Affix the shipping postage to the package using tape or glue. Printable Postage Sheets* are required to print a single stamp or sheet of stamps.

What supplies do I need with pbSmartPostageTM?

pbSmartPostageTM does not require any supplies for printing shipping postage. To print a single stamp or sheet of stamps, you will need to purchase Printable Postage Sheets*. You will receive a welcome kit with pbSmartPostage Printable Postage Sheets to get you started.

Are there any optional supplies recommended for pbSmartPostageTM?

We have several models of integrated scales from 5 lb. to 70 lb. that you can connect to your computer to weigh letters and packages to get accurate postal rates. You can also add a label printer to print self adhesive shipping labels.

How does pbSmartPostageTM save me money?

pbSmartPostageTM has access to USPS discounted shipping rates under the USPS Commercial Based Pricing program. These rates are not available at your local post office. The average savings are approximately 5%.

Print the exact amount of postage you need. Studies show that you can save up to 20% on postage costs by accurately weighing and applying the correct amount of postage rather than adding more stamps "just to be safe". 

When you need overnight delivery guaranteed, use pbSmartPostageTM to send your important letter or package using Express Mail® service. Express Mail® costs up to $10 less when compared to other overnight carriers.

Enjoy free Delivery ConfirmationTM with Priority Mail®.

Save gas. No more driving to the Post OfficeTM.

How is pbSmartPostageTM different than other online postage providers?

Other online postage providers require you to download special software. pbSmartPostageTM is a web based service that does not require a software download.

pbSmartPostageTM can link to Pitney Bowes Purchase Power or Reserve Account in addition to major credit cards so you have multiple options for paying for postage.

You can use pbSmartPostageTM from any Internet connection as it is not dependent on special software.

What does online or Web based mean?

You access pbSmartPostageTM by an Internet browser, in a similar way that you access other websites. Here are the benefits of an online or web based service:

  • No special software download required.
  • All USPS postage rate changes are automatically taken care of by Pitney Bowes and you do not need to do anything.
  • In this go anywhere, do anything world, you can access pbSmartPostageTM wherever you have an Internet connection.
  • Your account information, address book and reporting including shipping/tracking information is securely stored by Pitney Bowes. If you're computer is lost, stolen or is inoperable, you can still access your pbSmartPostageTM account using another computer with an Internet connection.

Call:  1-877-391-3822

*Offer is for new customers only. After the 60-day trial, rent pbSmartPostage for $14.99 per month, plus the cost of postage and supplies you use. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

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