Bring your mail center performance to new heights

The factory certified, remanufactured DM875™ processes mail at speeds of up to 230 letters per minute. With Weigh-on-the-Way® and Shape Based Rating, this flexible system allows for different configurations to provide optimal functionality and speed.

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Process mail at speeds of up to 230 pieces per minute with the remanufactured DM875™. Access exclusive mail services through IntelliLink® technology and realize increased productivity that ensures accurate postage with Weigh-on-the-Way® in-line weighing.   The remanufactured DM875™ can automatically feed and seal material of varying sizes from postcards to 13” x 13” flats and thickness up to 5/8” reducing the need for sorting and improving productivity.

Weigh-on-the-Way® (WOW) in-line weighing with Shape Based Rating maximizes efficiency by processing mixed weight and mixed sized material automatically.  Mail pieces up to 16 oz. in weight and 10” x 13” in size are measured automatically and rated to ensure the proper postage is applied. The remanufactured DM875™ can process large mail runs quickly and efficiently at speed of up to 115 letters per minute.

Your remanufactured DM875™ will always be current with software upgrades and USPS rate updates via high-speed internet connection.  Know that your investment can be updated with the latest software enhancements.

The easy-to-use IntelliLink® Command Center is your central source for exclusive mail services and gives you access to:

  • New features on-demand
  • USPS® and other carrier's rates and services instantly
  • Cost-saving USPS® electronic tracking services right from your remanufactured DM875™ Digital Mailing System
  • Download rates directly to your remanufactured DM875™ quickly and easily when rates change
  • "Constant Connection" - the fast, convenient high-speed LAN connection for postage downloads, software and rate updates

Improve Your Mail Center Performance with a Green Alternative
Pitney Bowes is doing our part to make the world a little greener. Our Factory Certified solutions are carefully selected, then restored to the highest standards with a rigorous certification process. Each unit is backed by our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, Warranty and Service Level Agreements.

The remanufacturedDM875™ provides many features and benefits to make processing your mail faster and easier.

  • Process up to 230 pieces per minute of similar size and weight mail.
  • Handles mail of various sizes from postcards to 13" X 13" flats and up to 5/8" thick in a single stream.
  • IntelliLink® Command Center provides efficient and easy access to system functions and exclusive mail services. 
  • Preset up to 25 routine jobs for quick handling and greater productivity.
  • Account tracking for up to 50 accounts standard; expansion options up to 1,500 accounts.  
  • Inkjet printing and secure envelope sealing give mail a professional, trusted appearance.

Optional Features

  • Platform scales up to 150lb capacity.
  • Differential Weighing to process mail pieces and parcels in the same run.

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